Make payment with KBZPay at City Mart, Marketplace and Ocean Supercenter

KBZPay Customers can now make payments with KBZPay at the following City Mart, Marketplace and Ocean Supercenter. 

  1. Golden Valley Marketplace
  2. 6.5 Miles Marketplace
  3. City Mart Yankin
  4. City Mart Thamine
  5. City Mart FMI
  6. Mawlamyine Ocean
  7. Ocean Taunggyi
  8. Ocean Mingalar Mandalay
  9. Ocean Diamond Plaza
  10. City Mart (19th St, Mandalay)

The following is the detailed step-by-step process to make payment.

  • Log into your KBZPay app to make payment and click “Scan”
  • Choose “Pay” and click “OK”
  • Show the payment QR code to the cashier
  • Confirm your PIN number
  • You have made the successful payment

We will also announce again from KBZPay Official Account and KBZPay Official Website when the other City Mart, Marketplace and Ocean are open for payment with KBZPay. 

You can also check the details in the video below. 
Video here

To enhance your experience, download the latest KBZPay Version. 
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