How to buy MOBILE LEGENDS’ diamonds from KBZPay

To buy MOBILE LEGENDS’ diamonds through KBZPay

Top up with KBZPay

How To Top-up

Top up your phone for any telecom in Myanmar anywhere by using KBZPay.

How to Link KBZPay With Bank Account

How to link your KBZPay to Bank Account

Link your KBZPay account with your KBZ Bank account to cash in/cash out easily.

How to Register to KBZPay

Open KBZPay account and upgrade your digital lifestyle.

Cash into KBZPay with any MPU card free of charge

How To Cash Into Your KBZPay Using MPU

Cash into your KBZPay wallet using any MPU Card!

How To Upgrade To Level 1.5 Yourself

How to self upgrade to KBZPay Level 1.5

Upgrade to Level 1.5 to experience better services of KBZPay.