Collect Christmas Presents with KBZPay

From 19th December to 25th December, customers can now collect Christmas Decorations in KBZPay and get Samsung 55” TVs and more than 100 Million Kyats Cashback as presents. For every 1,000 kyats and above payment with KBZPay and 5,000 kyats and above Cash into KBZPay, customers will be able to get Christmas decorations. Depending on the amount of Christmas Decorations that customers have collected from 19th December till 8:00 pm of 24th December, customers will be able to win Christmas presents from KBZPay by lighting the Christmas Tree.

On this joyous Christmas Season, let’s pay with KBZPay and cash into KBZPay to collect decorations and win Christmas Presents via this link

To enhance your experience, download the latest KBZPay Version.


Android :

Make payment with KBZPay at 1 Stop Supermarket, 1 Stop Kitchen and 1 Stop Mart

Make payment with KBZPay at 1 Stop Supermarket, 1 Stop Kitchen and 1 Stop Mart MM

KBZPay customers can make payment at 1 Stop Supermarket, 1 Stop Kitchen and 1 Stop Mart in Yangon.

Please see the detailed process as follows.
Step (1) – Enter KBZPay application to make payment.
Step (2) – Click “Scan”
Step (3) – Scan QR code which appears on the counter’s screen.
Step (4) – When the total amount appears, enter the PIN number and make payment.

Make payment successfully with KBZPay at 1 Stop Mart  with this process.

For more details about 1 Stop Supermarket, 1 Stop Kitchen and 1 Stop Mart where customers can make payment with KBZPay can be explored below table.

Outlets Address of 1 Stop Mart

No.Outlet NameMobile NumberAddress
1@0001 Ipay SuperMarket(KyaukTaDa)09455578664No.259/263 Bokyoke Road (i-Pay Office), Kyauktada Township, Yangon, K0002 (Vege-Mart)I-pay
2@0002 Sat San Super Market09405150800No.576/612, Upper Puzundaung Street, Satsan Qtr, Mingalar Tsp, Yangon
3@0003 Phoesein Super Market09883769077No.19/BoCho (2) Qtr, U Phoe Sein Street, Bahan Tsp, Yangon
4@0004 Insein Super Market0988376908024/26 Lan Thit Street, Nanthar Kone Qtr, Insein Tsp, Yangon
5@0006 1Stop Super Market(Su Paung)09883769089No.(1/E), Thantumar Road, Corner Pyinma Myaint Street, (25) Qtr, Thingan Nyunt Tsp, Yangon
6@0007 Lay Daungkan Supermarket(ThinGanGun)09455569828No.(59), Laydaung Kan Street, U San Phay Ward, Thingan Nyunt Tsp, Yangon
7@0008 KaMarKyi SuperMarket(ThinGanGyun Tsp)094555683562/3 Kamarkyi Housing, Kamarkyi Street, 29 Qtr, Thuwana Thingan Nyunt Tsp, Yangon
8@0009ThanThuMarSt-South Okkalapa Tsp09455567803No.85/2-98/2 Myinthar Supaung Housing between 7 & 8, No.14/1 Qtr, Thantumar Street, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
9@0010 PinLone SuperMarket(North Dagon Tsp)09880591469No.(3/4), Pinlone Street, 30 Qtr, North Dagon Tsp, Yangon
10@0011 South Okkapala-South Okkalapa Tsp098805914722/Ka, Corner Thitsar St & Thantumar St, 14/3 Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
11@0012Yadanara St Supermarket(South Okkalapa Tsp)09455568709No.369, Yadanar St, 13 Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
121Stop Kitchen 109455568710No.1/2-2/1, Thantumar St, (14/3) Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
131 Stop Whole Sale-0000109883769045No.161/2, Thantumar St, SimanKane Bus Stop, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
140002 SULE-109455561356No.124, MaharBandula Garden St, Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon
150003 Padaytar(South Okkalapa)09455000184No.591, Myinttar St, 12 Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
160004 SHWEGONEDAI09455000186No.209, ShweGoneDine St, KoMinKoChin Qtr, Bahan Tsp, Yangon
170005 Sanchaung mart09455000180No.59A, KyunTaw St, Kyun Lal Qtr, Sanchaung Tsp, Yangon
180006 Bo Aung Kyaw09455000181No.82/84 Ground Floor, BoAung Kyaw St, 7 Qtr, Botahtaung Tsp, Yangon
190007 Myin Thar09455000185No.13/Kha Thantumar St, 14/Siman Kane- 2 Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
200008 Nanda Won09441135596No.451/452, Tumingalar Road, Inwa Street, Inwa Bus Stop, Near Nanda Won Markt, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
210009 Thein Phyu09455000190No.151/153, Thein Phyu St, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp, Yangon
220010 Shwe Bon Thar09455000192No.185/187, Shwe Bon Thar Middle Block, 4 Qtr, Pabedan Tsp, Yangon
230011 Insein09456510045No.52, Hlaing Myinnt St, Insein Tsp, Yangon
240013 38 street(Kyauktada)09455000410No.172, Ground Floor(Left), 38 St, Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon
250014 KMD1 mart(Kyeemyindaing)09426492048No.75, Bothura St, East Zaygyi Qtr, Kyeemyindaing Tsp, Yangon
260017 AwwBar(Tamwe)09422955149No.9, Awwbar St, Kyaukmyaung Qtr, Tamwe Tsp, Yangon
270018 Baho1(Sanchaung)09425097650No.40, Baho St, Sanchaung Tsp, Yangon
280019 Muditar(Mayangone)09426616952No.B-112, Muditar Housing 1, Thamain Lanzone , Upper Baho St
290020 Dala mart(Dala)09445123214No.D-5 Ahsaung, Dala Twante St, Boyan Pyay Qtr, Dala Seikkan, Dala Tsp
300021 KKT 1(Tamwe)09453264749No.36, Kyarkwat Thit St, Kyarkwat Thit Qtr, Tamwe Tsp, Yangon
310022 Sule 2(Kyauktada)09455580450No.119, Sule Pagoda St, Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon
320023 KKT2(Tamwe)09455578436No.21, Kyarkwat Thit St, Kyarkwat Thit Qtr, Tamwe Tsp, Yangon
330024 Hlaing Station(Hlaing)09455573196No.203, Hlaing Train Station St, Hlaing Tsp, Yangon
340025 Ahlone mart(Ahlone)09445128848No.26, Thittaw St, Ahlone Tsp, Yangon
350026 Pazuntaung 1(Pazundaung)09453871693No.61, Upper Pazundaung St, Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon
360027 Satsan09445123176No.576/612, Upper Pazaundaung St, Satsan Qtr, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp, Yangon
370029 Pansoedan(Kyaukdata)09445122968No.96/98 Pansodan Under Block, between Merchant & Mahabandula St, Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon
380030 U Wisara mart(Bahan)09445123207No.89, corner of U Wisara & Damazayti St, Bahan
390031 U Chit Maung1(Bahan)09455580394No.47, West Horse race St, Tamwe Tsp, Yangon
400032 PhoneSein(Tamwe)09455578479No.19/BoCho (2) Qtr, U Phoe Sein Street, Bahan Tsp, Yangon
410033 Okkalapa Awin(North Okkalapa)09445123839No.9, Tudama St, Nagyee Ward, North Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
420035 KMD Strand (Kyeemyindaing)09455580163No.512, Kyeemyindaing Kannar St, Kyeemyidaing Tsp, Yangon
430036 KMD Home (Kyeemyindaing)09445132318No.476, Under Kyeemyindaing St, Kyeemyidaing Tsp, Yangon
440037 Kyauk Kone (Yankin)09445123905No.21, Aung Zayya St, 14 Qtr, Yankin Tsp, Yangon
450038 Myanmargoneyi(Mingalartaungnyunt)09455578946No.110, Myanmar Goneyee St, Kandawlay Qtr, Mingalartaung Nyunt Tsp, Yangon
460039 Parami(South Okkalapa)09455580131No.150/A, Parami St, 4 Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
470040 Oke Kyin(Hlaing)09455580198No.19/2, Okekyin Train Station St, 12 Qtr, Hlaing Tsp, Yangon
480042 Parami CDK(Mayangone)09459971987No.9(Ka), Parami St, 10 Qtr, Ahlone Tsp, Yangon
490043 Hlaing2mart(Hlaing)09455578565No.33, Hlaing Myinnt St, Kamarkyut Tsp, Yangon
500044 Kwin Kyaungst(Ahlone)09445123410No.42, Kwin Kyaung St, Sin Min Qtr, Ahlone Tsp, Yangon
510045 Bothura(Kyeemyindaing)09426905604No.90, Bothura St, Night Market, Kyeemyindaing Tsp, Yangon
520046 Sim Min mart(Ahlone)09455579088No.59, Sin Min St, Ahlone Tsp, Yangon
530049 ChawtwinKone KBA(Mayangone)09455574859No.26, Kanbawza Yeikthar St, Kabaraye Road, Bahan Tsp, Yangon
540050 Damaryone 6.5miles(Hlaing)09426820477No.492, Damayone St, 6.5 Miles, Hlaing Tsp, Yangon
550051 37street(Kyauktadar)09426820501No.91, 37 St, Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon
560052 Thwana(Thingangyun)09423878688No.(2/1), Thantuma St, Thwana Road, Thwana Tsp, Yangon
570060 Dawpone mart(Dawpone)09403103690No.244, Yamonna St, Zayyarthiri Qtr, Dawpone Tsp, Yangon
580061 Htauk Kyant(Insein)09423350452No.30, Bago St, Htauk Kyant Tsp
590062 GTC(ThanLyin)09401808095East Thanlyin (GTC) University
600064 Shwebyinepyhu(Hlaingtayar)09426799238Yangon - Pathein St, Shwebyinephyu Petro, Htantabin Tsp
610065 Sanchaung st(Sanchaung)09403107365No.70, Sanchaung St, Sanchaung Tsp
620066 mapost(Sanchaung)09426820558No.36, Mapo St, Sanchaung Tsp
630067 kyitekasan(Thingangyun)09426820560No.58, Kyitekasan Pagoda St, Thingannyunt Tsp
640068 Tapinshwehtee(Mayangone)09424940924No.134, Tapin Shwe Htee St, Bayinnaung Mayangone Tsp
650069 Ayeyeikmon(Hlaing)09401814331No.11, Ayeyeik Mon Housing, Hlaing Tsp
660070 KyunTaw(Sanchaung)09424210778No.8/9, Kyuntaw St, Sanchaung Tsp
670071 Tamine(Mayangone)09425806873No.14, Insein St, Kalar Kyaung bus Stop, Mayangone Tsp
680074 Bogalayzay(Kyauktada)09400244140No.456, Corner of Merchant & Bokalay Zay St, Kyauktada Tsp
690075-BOYARNYUNT ST (DAGON)09251926054No.91/a, Room 3, Boyarnyunt St, Yawmingyi Qtr, Dagon Tsp
700076 PZD 2 (PazunDaung)09403693030No.10/12, Upper Pazundaung St, Pazundaung Zay
710077 Thuka1(Hlaing)09401814339No.191, Thukha St, Hlaing Tsp
720078 maukone(Tamwe)09402856964No.205, Maukone (Lan kyal) St, Tamwe Tsp
730079 Hledan mart(Kamaryut)09403157747No.105, Hledan (Near Sein Gay Har), Kamaryut Tsp
740080 Khineshwewar(Kamaryut)09401782247No.45, Baho St, 3 Qtr,Near Khine Shwe War Bus Stop, Kamaryut Tsp
750082-MIN GYI ST-INSEIN09401032115No.26, Mingyi St, Taung Thu Kone Qtr, Insein Tsp
760083 konethal 54st(Botahtaung)09402403162No.184, Merchant St, 4 Qtr, Botahtaung Tsp
770085 Manemaykalar(Kyeemyindaing)09401755612No.13, Manemaykalar , Makyiitaung West Qtr, Kyeemyindaing Tsp
780086-HTEE TAN ST (KYI MYIN DINE)09404294685No.103/B, Cornr Htee Tan St & 4 St , Htee Tan Simyay Qtr, Kyeemyindaing Tsp
790088 Sesone mart(Sanchaung)09403482093No.80, Baho St, Sesone St, Sanchaung Tsp
800089 Arthawady st(North Okkalapa)09251925773No.69, Thudama St & Bonegyi St, Arthawady St, 2 Qtr, North Okkalapa Tsp
810090 Bogyoke 50st(Pazundaung)09402285842No.75, Bogyoke St, Pazundaung Tsp
820091 Hlaing3 mart(Hlaing)09429973943No.37, Hlaing Train Station St, Hlaing Tsp
830092 SeikgyiKhanaungto mart(Seikgyikanaungto)09426273514No.3, Baho St, Seikgyikhanaungto Tsp
840093 Oakkyin2(Hlaing)09401071510No.888, Oakkyin Train Station St, Hlaing Tsp
850094 36st mart(Kyauktada)09402402919No.404, Mahabandula St, Kyauktada Tsp
860096 U Aung Myat(Mingalartaungnyunt)09401814947No.12/14, U Aung Myat St, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp
870097-(BAYINTNAUNG ST)MAYANGONE09444577193No.5, Bayinnaung St, Mayangone Tsp
880099-(CORNOR OF ROYAL&STRAND ST) KMD09404650969No.58/64, Kannar St, Hteetan Housing, Kyeemyindaing Tsp
890100 Marlarnwe st(Tarmwe)09426799113No.767, MaLarmyaing St, Myinttar Nyut Qtr, Tamwe Tsp
900101-(AHNAWYAHTAR ROAD) BOTAHTAUNG09401069707No.252/254, Ahnawyahtar St, Botahtaung Tsp
910103 Byineyayozin(Tamwe)09401417367No.277, Kyatkasan St, Tamwe Tsp
920105 Nyaung Pin(Insein)09401418227No.251, Bayinnaung St, Insein Tsp
930106 Delta Palaza(Bahan)09421435143No.C-004, East Shwe Gone Dine St, Bahan Tsp
940107 U Chit Maung2(Bahan)09444577141No.191, U Chit Maung St, Yankin
950108 Kan Lan st(Hlaing)09426820895No.1, Kanlan St, Hlaing Myint Mo Housing, Hlaing Tsp
960109 Pyarpon mart(Pyarpon)09402286341No.78, 2 St, Pyarpon Tsp
970112 Maupin SCG (Sanchaung)09400275765No.120, Maupin St, Sanchaung Tsp
980113 Bogoke 47st(Botahtaung)09401423770No.133/135, Bogyoke St, Botahtaun Tsp
990119 Thuka2(Hlaing)09402286082No.120, Insein St, Hlaing Tsp, ( Thukha Bus Stop)
1000120 Anawyahtar7st(Lanmadaw)09402286166No.27, Ahnawyahtar St & 7 St Corner, Lanmadaw Tsp
1010121 Bahosi mart(Lanmadaw)09402285857No.788/B, Bogyoke St, Lanmadaw Tsp, Bahosi Hospital
1020123 Yarzathingyanst(South Okkalapa)09401022879No.135, Yarzathingyan St, 11 Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp
1030124 Anawyathar(Pazundaung)09426925164No.101, 51 & 52 Between, Ahnawyahtar St, Pazundaung Tsp
1040126 Budaryone insein road(Hlaing)09401439078No.25, Budaryone St, Insein Road, Hlaing Tsp
1050127 NguWar road(Ahlone)09402376947No.64, Nguwar St, Ahlone Tsp
1060128 ANAWYAHTAR-39ST (KYAUK TADAR)09441089424No.87, Ahnawyahtar St, 39 St, Kyauktada Tsp
1070129 Seikk Tadar Win (Botahtaung Tsp)09402376968No.6, Seikkan Bawtadawin, Botahtaung Tsp
1080130 Kyan Sit Thar St (Hlaing Thar Yar Tsp)09895070221No.1246, KyanSitTharMin St, Hlaing Thar Yar Tsp
1090132-Sayar San St (Bahan Tsp)09401069715No.80/A, Sayar San St, Sayar San Qtr, Bahan Tsp
1100133-Hledan,U Tun Lin Chan St (Kamaryut Tsp)09401703214No.21/23 U Tun Lin Chan St, Kamaryut Tsp
1110134- 51St,Mahar Bandula St (PZT)09441411167No.196/198, 51 St, Maharbandula Road, Pazundaung Tsp
1120135- No.4 Road,Shwe Byinephyu,Mhawbi09441411198No.4 St, ShweByinePhyu Petro, Hmawbi Tsp
1130137-NO71,THAZIN ST,(HLAING)09403369156No.71, Thazin St, Hlaing Tsp
1140138 DANYINGONE BUTARYONE ST09441154073No.64/138, Corner Khayaypin St & Makhayar MintharGyi St, Danyingone latkar Zaygyi, Zone (3), Butharyone Zay Bus stop, Shwepyithar Tsp
1150139 CHAUNG WA,BAYINTNAUNG ST09401871159No.(252/2), Bayinnaung St, Chaungwa 9 Qtr, Hlaing Tsp
1160141-NO1,NYAUNGI ST,KAMARKYI2,THUWANA TSP09256920715No.1, Nyaung ahn St, 29 Qtr, Thuwana Tsp
1170143-AUNGMINGALAR ST (TARMWE)09268759722No.12, Aung Mingalar St, Kyaukmyaung Qtr, Tamwe Tsp
1180144 PyiDaungSu Road(South Dagon)09400592935No.2, Pyidaungsu St & Hlawkar St, 67 Qtr, South Dagon Tsp
1190146 SBP Oil (Mingalardone)09401227914Shwebyinephyu Petro, No.3 Road, Mingalardone Tsp, (2SBPMGLD 128)
1200150 Pagoda okkalapa(South Okkalapa)09452103652No.1174, Thanthumar St, 7 Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp
1210152 Man Pyay-3quater,MyinTawThar road(Thaketa)09455566840No.279, Myintawthar St, Manpyay 3 Qtr, Tharkayta Tsp
1220153 Htan Chauk Pin(Shwe Pyi Thar )09445131783No.2/Kha, Bogyoke St, Shwepyithar HtanChaukPin
1230156 Zizarwar st,N0-2Quarters(North Okkalapa)09426820511No.92, Zizarwar St, 2 Qtr, North Okkalapa Tsp
1240157 Postoffice Bus Stop,Kabaraye st(Mayangone)09895203551No.6 Kabaraye Pagoda St & Yaykuu Butharyone St, Mayangone Tsp
1250158 Muditar Apartment,Baho st(Mayangone)09455000384No.77, Baho St, Muditar Housing 2, Mayangone Tsp
1260159 Mya KanTar Condo,Mya KanTar st(Hlaing)09426768699No.79/C, Myakanthar Tharlay St, Myakanthar Condo, Hlaing Tsp
1270160 Kaymarti st(North Okkalapa)09445123225No.544, Khaymarthi St, North Okkalapa Tsp
1280161 HlawKar st,Corner of Bagan(Dagon Tsp)09449869260No.170, Hlawkar St & Bagon St, 56 Qtr, South Dagon Tsp
1290163 Coner of Negawta st and Nawarad st,Tharketa09445123175No.486, Nawarad St, Negawtha St, Tharkayta Tsp
1300164 Star High Oil,Marine St(Thanlyin)09402285845Star High Petro, Marine St & Thanlyin
1310165 Saw Bwar Gyi Kone,Pyi Road(Insein)09444577178No.129, Pyay St, Saw Bwar Gyi Kone, Insein
1320168 Bama aye quater,Minnandar st(DawBon tsp)09445916505No.Ka/2, Minnandar St, Bama Aye Qtr, Dawpone Tsp
1330170 Pyay Road,Htauk Khant Point(Mingalardon)09403158062No.1003, Pyay St, HtaukKhant Point, Mingalardone Tsp
1340171 Kyitekasan Pagoda st,Laydhantkan(Thingangyun)09428886512No.34, Kyitekasan Pagoda St, Laydaungkan St, 15 Qtr, Thingankyunt Tsp
1350172 Su Paung Lan,Hnin Si Gone quater(Thuwana tsp)09429972769No.64, Supaung St, HninSi Kone Qtr, Thingankyunt Tsp
1360173 Kabaraye Pagoda Road,(Mayangone)09425946693No.nga/8, Kabaraye Pagoda St, Mayangone Tsp
1370174Myin taw Rd,Zayathu kha St(Sanchaung)09401814299No.153, Zayyarthukha St, Sanchaung Tsp
1380175 Thiri myaing street(13)ward,Hlaing09400275782No.614, ThiriMyaing St, 13 Qtr, Hlaing Tsp
1390176 33 street, Anawyatar Road,Kyauktada Township09402285818No.183, 33 St, Ahnawyahtar St, 1 Qtr, Kyauktada Tsp
1400177 Tamwe Zay lan,(ka) quater (Tamwe tsp)09402377481No.19, Tamwe Zay St, Kha Qtr, Tamwe Tsp
1410178 Yay tar Shay st (Bahan Tsp)09402179009No.75, Yaytar Shat St, Bahan Tsp
1420182 BaYint Naung Road,Padauk St(Insein)09426910492No.139, Bayintnaung St, Insein
1430184 Shukhintar Rd,Sapal St (Thaketa)09455000415No.A-12, Shukhinthar St, Sapal St, Tharkayta Tsp
1440186 Parami Road,Near SeinGayHar(Hlaing)09424938725No.44, Parami St, Hlaing Tsp (Sein Gay Har Near)
1450187 KaYaePin Rd,YarThetPan Bus(Mingalardon)09444577161No.40, Kha Yay Pin St, Yar Thet Pan Bus Stop, Mingalardone Tsp
1460189 5Lan,Kannar Rd(Lanmadaw Tsp)09455580662No.608, Kannar St & 5 St, Lanmadaw Tsp
1470190 KyeeMyinDaing,Fish Market(KyeeMyinDaing)09251925572No.301, Kyeemyindaing (Fish Market), Kyeemyindaing Tsp
1480191 ThiDar St,Kyauk Myaung Rd(Tamwe Tsp)09455568405No.6, Thidar St, Kyauk Myaung, Tamwe Tsp
1490192 AungSan Market,Lower Mingalardon(Insein)09455567534No.783, AungSan Market, Insein Tsp
1500193 Min Ye Kyaw Swar St(Mayangone Tsp)09455567530No.91, Minye Kyaw Swar St, Mayangone Tsp
1510194 AungSiGone St,ThinGanGyunKyi(Pale Tsp)09455567531No.1, Aung Si Kone St, Thingay kyunt gyi, Pearl Myothit, Mingalardone Tsp
1520196 Kanar Road,Tha Yet Taw(5)street09402856676No.394, Kannar St, Thayattaw 5 St, Kyeemyindaing Tsp
1530198 InseinZay BusStop,HlaingRiver Rd(Insein)09401814972No.91, Hlaing River St, Insein Tsp( Insein Zay Bus Stop)
1540199 Thumana St,Yan Pyay Rd(Thaketa)09455566449No.1161, Thumana St & Yanpyay St, Tharkayta Tsp
1550202 Thukitar Rd,East Kyoekone Qr(Insien)09455568406No.128, Thikitar St, 4 Qtr, East Kyoekone Qtr, Insein Tsp
1560203 Thumingalar Rd,(16 / 1)Qr (Thingangyun)09405150775No.994, Thumingalar St, 16 Qtr, Thingankyunt Tsp
1570205 Htee Tan Rd, (Kyee Myint Taing Tsp)09405150787No.61, Htee Tan St, Kyeemyindaing Tsp
1580206 ThuKha St(Hlaing Tsp)09405150769No.148, Thukha St, Hlaing Tsp
1590207 Upper KyeeMyinDaing Rd(KyeeMyintDaing)09405150771No.119, Upper Kyeemyindaing St, Kyeemyindaing Tsp
1600208 Middle Baho Rd(Mayangone Tsp)09405150773No.97, Middle Baho St, Mayangone Tsp
1610213 Hlaing Store09405150812No.107, U Myal St, Industry Zone (4), Hlaing Tsp
1620214 Shwe Store09405150813No.116, Industry 7 St, Zone 1, Shwe Pyi Thar Tsp
1630215 AungMyintTar Rd,ZayYarTiri Qr(DawBon)09405150802No.428, Aung Myint Thar St, Zayyar Thiri Qtr, Dawpone Tsp
1640217 Yangon Store09405150803No.15, Zaykabar 11 St, Mingalar Industry Zone , Mingalardon Tsp
1650219 ThanTuMar Rd,No 5th Qr(South Okkalapa)09405150814 No.1057, Thantumar St, 5 Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp
1660221 KMD Strand & 2thTayataw(KyeeMyinDaing)09252081196No.420, Kyeemyindaing Kannar St & Thetyattaw 2 St, Kyeemyindaing Tsp
1670222 KyaikWaing Rd,3Ward,Mayangone09405150783No.4/5 Kyaikwaing Pagoda St, 3 Qtr, Mayangone Tsp
1680223 Settmuzone(2)St,SouthOkkalapa Tsp09405150784No.4/2, Industry Zone 4 St, South Okkalapa Tsp
1690227 Shwe YinMar St,(13)th QR,(YanKin Tsp)09883769063No.32, Shwe Yin Mar St, 13 Qtr, Yankin Tsp
1700230 MyaKwarNyo Rd,Thaketa setmuzone09883769075No.255/Kha, Myakwarnyo St, Tharkayta Industry Zone, Tharkayta Tsp
1710231 PyinMaPin VillageGp,(Max Petrol)MGLD09883769085No.529/Ka, Yangon - Pyay Road, Pyimapin Village, Mingalardone Tsp, Yangon
1720233 Pidaukchaung,Front of FishMarket(Hlaing)09883769083No.7, Pidaukchaung, Front of Fish Market, Hlaing Tsp (Max Petro)
1730234 KaMarKaSit,Dala&TwanTay (Max Filling)09883769073No.1416/B, Dala Twante St & Bominyaung St Kamarkasit Qt, Dala Tsp
1740235 AungMinglar-Max Petro09455567537No.1, 9 Qtr, Aung Mingalar High Way, Mingalardone Tsp (Max Filling - Station)
1750236 Ma Kyi Kyi09883769088No.(12-A), Magyigyi St, Sanchaung (Super Market)
1760237 Dagon Ayar (HTY)09880591474No.(Dagon Aya.19/Ga) Max Filling Stational (Dagon Aya Highway, Hlaing Thar Yar Tsp
177K-0002 1 Stop Kitchen2(Myanmargoneyi)09405150721No. II - 113/130, Gonyi Residence, Myanma Gonyi Street, Kandawkalay Qr., Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon.

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Make payment with KBZPay at AEONorange Supermarkets

KBZPay Customers can now make payments with KBZPay AEONorange supermarkets. 

The following is the detailed step-by-step process to make payment.

  1. Log into your KBZPay app to make payment and click “Scan”
  2. Choose “Pay” and click “OK”
  3. Show the payment QR code to the cashier
  4. Confirm your PIN number
  5. You have made the successful payment

You can now pay with KBZPay at below AEONoragme Supermarket Branches. 

  1. Tarmwe Branch
  2. Thakayta Branch
  3. Thanlyn Branch (Myoma Market)
  4. North Okkalapa Branch
  5. Yetakhon Branch (Kyi Myin Dine)
  6. Baho Road Branch (Hlaing/Kamayut)
  7. Thanlyin Branch (Aung Chan Thar)
  8. Shwe Pyi Thar Branch
  9. MDY 80 street Branch
  10. MDY 62 street Branch

To enhance your user experience, please upgrade your KBZPay account to Level 1.5 or 2 and update your KBZPay Application to the latest version.
Android :

Access up to 50% of the salary before the end of the month 

KBZ Bank has introduced PayAdvance, a new service that allows KBZ Payroll customers’ employees to drawdown their salary before the end of the month.

KBZPay PayAdvance is available to all salaried employees of companies that have agreed to use PayAdvance and can be requested beginning on the 16th of every month.

PayAdvance will meet employees’ emergency financial needs before the end of the month and will allow them to draw down up to 50% of their salary (maximum 500,000 Kyats).

KBZPay PayAdvance can be obtained with a 500 Kyat service fee via the “PayAdvance” option in the KBZPay application’s finance and loan services.

For more information, please contact KBZPay Call Center 3211. 

Please click here to learn more about this.

How to buy MOBILE LEGENDS’ diamonds from KBZPay

Step 1: ပထမ ဦးစွာ KBZPay App ထဲသို့ ဝင်ပြီး လက်ဆောင်ကဒ် လုပ် ဆောင်မှု ကိုနှိပ်ပါ။

Step 2: “လက်ဆောင်ကဒ်” လုပ်ဆောင်မှု ထဲ မှ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ကိုရွေး ချယ်ပါ။

Step 3: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ထဲတွင် အသုံးပြုသူ၏ ကိုယ်ပိုင် နံပါတ် နှင့် Zone နံပါတ်ကို ဖြည့်ပေးပါ။

Step 4: မိမိကြိုက်နှစ်သက်ရာ ပမာဏ ကို ရွေးချယ်ပြီး “ငွေပေးချေမည်” ကို နှိပ်ပါ။

Step 5: မိမိ၏ ကိုယ်ပိုင် လျှို့ဝှက်နံပါတ် ကို ထည့်ပေးပါ။

Step 6: ဝယ်ယူမှု ပြီးမြောက်ပါပြီ။

Order Food from Grab and Pay with KBZPay

Starting from 17th June 2022, KBZPay users in Yangon and Mandalay can order food from Grab and pay with KBZPay.

How to pay with KBZPay 
Step (1) – Choose the Food Icon
Step (2) – Select  your favorite shop and order food by clicking “Add to Basket”
Step (3) – Choose “Cash” for payment 
Step (4) – Click “Place Order” 
Step (5) – Scan KBZPay QR Code from Grab Rider upon food delivery.

Upon food arrival, customers can pay with KBZPay by scanning a KBZPay QR code which allows cashless payment with no troubles of exchanging cash notes.  upon food delivery. 

Customers will be able to order food from GrabFood and GrabMart and pay with KBZPay. 

Starting from 8th June 2022, KBZPay Users from Nationwide can get inclusive healthcare services from My-Medicine. 

Furthermore, the first 300 customers who register and book the appointment with a General Practitioner within 8th June to 31st July will get (1) Time Free GP Consultation respectively. 

To be eligible for (1) Time Free GP Consultation, the KBZPay users need to be Level 1.5 and above.

Please click here to get inclusive healthcare services. 

Please click the links below to upgrade KBZPay.
Android :

For more information about My-Medicine, please call 09 779995588 and for more information about KBZPay, please call 3211.

Get inclusive healthcare services through KBZPay

Starting from 17th May 2022, KBZPay users can now use “My-Medicine”, an online teleconsultation service which will fulfill the requirements of the modern healthcare system. With My-Medicine, you can conveniently consult about your health at home and pay the service fees easily with KBZPay.

My-Medicine was founded in 2021 with experienced doctors and expertises from the healthcare industry with the aim of providing trusted, easy and convenient online healthcare services. 

My-Medicine now offers 

  • Teleconsultation with General Practitioner 
  • Teleconsultation with Myanmar’s well-known Specialists
  • Quick Consultation with My-Medicine’s In-House General Practitioners 
  • A customer service team formed with experienced pharmacists for any medicine and service related questions (From 9 am to 12 am)
  • Online Pharmacy where customers can purchase the necessary medicines conveniently after teleconsultation.

My-Medicine services are now available to the KBZPay users in Yangon and Mandalay and it will be available to all KBZPay users across Myanmar in a short period of time.

To get access to My-Medicine’s services, please update your KBZPay Application to the latest level. To update, please click the links below.
Android :

KBZPay Centers are available for walk-in cash out services

KBZPay Customers in Myanmar can now cash out at all KBZPay Centers without booking an appointment starting from 16th May. Customers can get KBZPay cash out service at agents within 9:30 AM till 3:30 PM from Monday to Saturday (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM starting from 1st June), with the predetermined service fees for the withdrawal of 300,000 MMK per KBZPay Account. Customers can cash out again in the next 7 days. 
For the locations and available services of the new KBZPay Centers, please visit here.

Download the latest version of KBZPay, to enhance your experience!
Android :

Make payment with KBZPay at City Mart, Marketplace and Ocean Supercenter

KBZPay Customers can now make payments with KBZPay at the following City Mart, Marketplace and Ocean Supercenter. 

  1. Golden Valley Marketplace
  2. 6.5 Miles Marketplace
  3. City Mart Yankin
  4. City Mart Thamine
  5. City Mart FMI
  6. Mawlamyine Ocean
  7. Ocean Taunggyi
  8. Ocean Mingalar Mandalay
  9. Ocean Diamond Plaza
  10. City Mart (19th St, Mandalay)
  11. City Mart Neighbourhood (North Okkalapa)
  12. City Mart Aung San Branch
  13. City Mart 47 Street
  14. Ocean Shwe Gone Dine
  15. City Mart Myay Ni Gone Branch
  16. Ocean Junction Nay Pyi Taw Branch
  17. Ocean Oaktaya Thiri
  18. City Mart Hledan Center 
  19. City Mart Junction Zawana
  20. City Mart Yae Kyaw
  21. City Mart Highway, Zero mile
  22. City Care 153rd Street
  23. City Mart Insein Phot Kan
  24. City Mart Dagon Seikkan
  25. City Mart Shwe Pyi Thar Branch
  26. Ocean Monywa 
  27. Ocean Pathein
  28. City Mart Kyan Sit Min Hlaing Thar Yar
  29. City Mart South Dagon
  30. Ocean North Points 
  31. Ocean Hlaing Thar Yar
  32. Marketplace Myanmar Plaza
  33. Marketplace Junction City
  34. City Mart Junction Square
  35. City Mart Waizayandar
  36. City Mart Junction 8
  37. City Mart Ayer Wun
  38. Marketplace Kantharyar
  39. City Mart Shwe Moe Kaung
  40. City Mart North Dagon 41Qr
  41. Marketplace Sule Square

The following is the detailed step-by-step process to make payment.

  • Log into your KBZPay app to make payment and click “Scan”
  • Choose “Pay” and click “OK”
  • Show the payment QR code to the cashier
  • Confirm your PIN number
  • You have made the successful payment

We will also announce again from KBZPay Official Account and KBZPay Official Website when the other City Mart, Marketplace and Ocean are open for payment with KBZPay. 

You can also check the details in the video below. 

To enhance your experience, download the latest KBZPay Version. 
Android :