Get inclusive healthcare services through KBZPay

Starting from 17th May 2022, KBZPay users can now use “My-Medicine”, an online teleconsultation service which will fulfill the requirements of the modern healthcare system. With My-Medicine, you can conveniently consult about your health at home and pay the service fees easily with KBZPay.

My-Medicine was founded in 2021 with experienced doctors and expertises from the healthcare industry with the aim of providing trusted, easy and convenient online healthcare services. 

My-Medicine now offers 

  • Teleconsultation with General Practitioner 
  • Teleconsultation with Myanmar’s well-known Specialists
  • Quick Consultation with My-Medicine’s In-House General Practitioners 
  • A customer service team formed with experienced pharmacists for any medicine and service related questions (From 9 am to 12 am)
  • Online Pharmacy where customers can purchase the necessary medicines conveniently after teleconsultation.

My-Medicine services are now available to the KBZPay users in Yangon and Mandalay and it will be available to all KBZPay users across Myanmar in a short period of time.

To get access to My-Medicine’s services, please update your KBZPay Application to the latest level. To update, please click the links below.
Android :