Celebrate Tazaugndaing Festival with KBZPay

During the colorful Tazaungdaing month,  there is an exciting program where KBZPay customers will be able to collect and fly Tazaungdaing Balloons to win prizes. In order to participate in this campaign, customers need to complete the assigned tasks and collect Tazaungdaing Balloons. The more Tazaungdaing Balloons that the customers can collect, the more chances they will get to win more rewards. Upon completion of assigned tasks, customers will be able to not only win Tazaungdaing Balloons but also win 1875 coupons, KBZPay Market Coupons and cashback up to 100,000 MMK. From 4th November to 6th November, customers will be able to do the tasks and collect Colorful Balloons and rewards and depending on the total sets of balloons that the customers have collected, they will be able to get the rewards at 8:00 PM of 7th and 8th November, 2022. Click here now to participate in the colorful Tazaungdaing Festival with KBZPay.

You can check the Terms and Conditions of the campaign through this link. 

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