Collect points from buying top up and data packages with KBZPay

Within the Campaign period , all levels of KBZPay customers can collect  points from buying either top up or data package and use the collected points at spin wheel lucky draw or redeem the points to  top up discount coupons on the next purchase. 

In order to spin the wheel, customers have to spend 30 collected points . 

The spin wheel rewards are as follows, 

  • 10,000 MMK Cashback
  • 10 MMK top up discount coupon 
  • 50 MMK top up discount coupon 
  • 100 MMK top up discount coupon 
  • 200 MMKtop up discount coupon 
  • 600 MMK top up discount coupon 
  • 2,000 MMK top up discount coupon 

Customers can also  redeem the collected points with discount coupons,

  • 50 MMK top up discount coupon for 200 Points 
  • 200 MMK top up discount  coupon for 800 Points 
  • 500 MMK top up discount coupon  for 1600 Points 

Moreover, customers will earn 200 points from inviting friends who don’t have a KBZPay account. Invitees will also earn 30 points after successfully registering to KBZPay. Since , the campaign period is from 1st May 2022 to 31st May 2022 , let’s get the cash back rewards and discount coupons with KBZPay top up from 1st May to 31st May, 2022. 

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