Pay with KBZPay at KFC Stores and Get Cash Back

Are you thinking about what you should eat for your evening meal? Are you thinking of having cold drinks and crispy fried chicken with a variety of sauces?

Then, KBZPay x KFC Promotion is waiting for you with cashback promotions if you order meals and drinks at KFC and pay with KBZPay. 

When you order 5,000Ks and above at KFC Stores across the country and Pay with KBZPay, you will get 300Ks and above cash back. 

Promotion period is from 24th March to 6th April, 2023. 

Come and enjoy different tastes of fried chicken with choices of sauces and cold drinks at KFC and Pay with KBZPay to get cash back. 

Terms and Conditions Apply and click HERE for more details. 

To participate in the campaign and to enhance your user experience, please upgrade your KBZPay account to Level 1.5 or 2 and update your KBZPay Application to the latest version.

Android :