Pay with KBZPay QR and Win cash back up to 100,000 MMK

Introducing our new campaign where you can now purchase with KBZPay QR (or) short code and get a chance to win up to 100,000 Ks cash back.

All KBZPay customers (Level 1, Level 1.5 and Level 2) can participate in this campaign. The campaign period is from 18 May 2021 to 08 June 2021.

According to consumption amount, customers have a chance to get full cash back (maximum 100,000 Ks).

To participate in this campaign:

1. Go to the KBZPay app, enter to the promotion page and, click “Cash Back”
2. Click “Join” button and scan QR code
3. Enter the consumption amount
4. Enjoy random cash back

For manual purchase:

1. Choose “Pay to Merchants” option and type merchant short code
2. Enter consumption amount
3. Enjoy random cash back

Please note that this campaign is only eligible for payments at KBZPay merchants and does not include P2P transfer.

It is advised to turn off Wi-Fi and VPN and use only mobile data while logging in.

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