Unveil Free New Year Prediction with Min Thein Kha 

Excited to know about your new year prediction? You can now get 1 Free New Year Prediction and Coupons from Min Thein Kha until 24th of January. 

You can see the details through this link and join the campaign as below

Step (1) – Enter the campaign page via this link
Step (2) – Click ‘Ask Now” and pick one card by concentrating 
Step (3) – You will get your predictions within seconds and enjoy the discount coupons right away 

KBZPay user is entitled to only one free reading and coupon throughout the campaign period. The coupons can be redeemed within three days. Now, you can enjoy reading your New Year predictions from the comfort of your home and ask Min Thein Kha Baydin with an exclusive discount. 

To participate in the campaign and to enhance your user experience, please upgrade your KBZPay account to Level 1.5 or 2 and update your KBZPay Application to the latest version.

iOS: https://apple.co/31igRU9
Android : https://bit.ly/3rTwa2J