Book Appointments for cash withdrawal at Branches and KBZPay Centers through KBZPay

For Branch Booking , you will need to have a valid Individual Saving Account (or) Current Account (or) Call Account Number. For KBZPay Center Booking, your KBZPay Account needs to be Level 1.5 and above. 

Please choose “Book Appointment ” Feature on KBZPay and select Cash Withdrawal Type. Please choose the city, preferred location, date and click “Book Now” to complete the booking process. Booking for Branch Appointment is available every Sunday to Thursday between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Booking for KBZPay Cash Out from KBZPay Centers is available every Sunday to Friday between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. 

Tokens for “Branch/KBZPay Center Booking” will be issued by 10:00 pm. Successful bookings will be notified through SMS and customers can also check their booking status by logging into KBZPay after 10:00 pm on that day.

A customer with an approved token for “KBZPay Cash Out” can withdraw up to 300,000 MMK. A customer with an approved token for “Individual Account Withdrawal (MMK/USD)” can withdraw up to 500,000 MMK.

A customer can apply for a “Branch Appointment” from Sunday to Thursday and “KBZPay Cash Out from KBZPay Centers” from Sunday to Friday. The customers with successful booking can get the appointment again after 7 days from the cash withdrawal date. Customers who can get weekly bookings will get the chance to withdraw cash weekly.

Upon token for successful booking, customers can withdraw cash at the assigned Branch/KBZPay Center as per the allocated date and time. You can check your withdrawal date, timeslot and venue for cash withdrawal by logging into KBZPay after 10 pm on that day.