KBZPay Digital Card FAQs

KBZPay Digital Card is a card available through your KBZPay app that can be used to make international purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

You can apply for KBZPay Digital Card using the KBZPay app. Only KBZPay customers are eligible to apply for KBZPay Digital Card .

All KBZPay customers are eligible to apply for KBZPay Digital Card . Customers do not have KBZPay account, you can visit the nearest KBZ Bank Branches or KBZPay Centers to open KBZPay Account.

You will receive the KBZPay Digital Card instantly.

KBZPay Digital Card will be activated upon registration, no additional steps are required. You can use it immediately for online purchases or transactions.

KBZPay Digital Card can be used in any international merchants whereVisa is accepted, only for online transaction.

No, KBZPay Digital Card cannot be used in Myanmar to make payment.

It has a valid term of 3 years. Your card can be renewed after 3 years.

Go to KBZPay Application.Select KBZPay Digital Card, and You can find the card information in the KBZPay Digital Card Home Page.

No, KBZPay Digital Card is only used digitally on KBZPay Mobile App.

You can have only 1Visa KBZPay Digital Card at a time.

You will automatically have a new KBZPay Digital Card before the expiration date.

You will receive notification when your KBZPay Digital Card is renewed.

Your KBZPay Digital Card is secured by a 6-digit KBZPay PIN and advanced security features to protect against fraud and unauthorized transactions. Make sure to NEVER share your OTP and PIN with anyone.

You will need to send an email to [email protected] from your registered email address from KBZPay Digital Card registration.

You can not change the Zodiac Sign design on your KBZPay Digital Card, the design of the card is issued based on your date of birth.

The Zodiac Sign design on your KBZPay Digital Card is determined by the date of birth provided during the KBZPay application process. If the Zodiac Sign is incorrect, it discrepancy in the date of birth information provided. Contact the KBZPay Call Center to rectify the issue.

No, you do not need to top-up your KBZPay Digital Card. You can use your KBZPay wallet balance to conduct transaction or make payment through your KBZPay Digital Card. Top-up your KBZPay wallet; – Bank account transfer – via KBZPay agents – MPU cash in

This might have occured due to connection error. Please call our KBZPay Call Center at 3211 if you do not receive the refund within 24 hours.

When utilizing KBZPay Digital Card in a foreign currency, the transaction amount will be subject to foreign exchange rates as well as cross-border fees.

You can make payment at a E-commerce by following the steps below, 1. Go to KBZPay Digital Card Detail page 2. Swipe the card left to see card detail and enter KBZPay PIN number to see card detail 3. Click “copy card details” and paste it on website 4. Enter OTP to authorize the transactions

Yes, the limit can be changed by the bank’s discretion and based on CBM guideliness.

If a transaction is declined, ensure that you have sufficient funds in your KBZPay Wallet and that you have entered the correct card details. If the problem persists, please contact the KBZPay Call Center 3211.

You can see the transaction history in the KBZPay Digital Card Home Page.

No, you can only use your KBZPay wallet balance to use your KBZPay Digital Card for making any payments.

You can use the KBZPay Digital Card in over 200 countries where Visa accepted.

In the event that KBZPay Digital Card is utilized in a foreign country, the system will automatically convert the amount in MMK. Our system is designed to perform the necessary currency conversion calculations and display the equivalent amount in MMK for the convenience of our cardholder.

Yes, you need to have enougn balance in your KBZPay wallet to make transactions.

If your KBZPay wallet balance is insufficient, your transaction will be declined. OTP is not verified, if any further issue then contact call center or email to [email protected].

If you notice an unauthorized transaction on your KBZPay Digital Card, you should immediately contact KBZPay Call Center 3211 to report the incident and dispute the transaction.

If you have a dispute with a KBZPay Digital Card transaction, you should contact KBZPay Call Center 3211 to report the issue and initiate a dispute resolution process.

The length of the dispute resolution process may vary depending on the complexity of the issue and the policies of the card issuer. However, it is recommended that you initiate the dispute resolution process as soon as possible. KBZ Bank will keep you posted on the update.

You may need to provide documentation such as receipts, invoices, shipping confirmations, and other relevant evidence to support your claim.

If the dispute is resolved in your favor, you will receive a refund or credit for the disputed amount into your KBZPay wallet.

If a dispute is not resolved in your favor, the outcome would depend on the specific situation and the terms and conditions of the agreement or contract that governs the dispute.

Call the KBZPay Call Center 3211 and freeze your KBZPay Wallet.

The KBZPay Digital Card is free of charge.

Applying for a KBZPay Digital Card is free of charge.

There is no monthly fees for KBZPay Digital Card.

There are no annual fees associated with our service for the first year. We will notify you before the end of the first year to inform you of any fees that will be charged for continued use of our service.

As per the policies imposed by KBZ Bank on online payments, a transaction fee will be charged for every online payment made using the KBZPay Digital Card. Please note that these fees are subject to change without prior notice.