KBZPay Payroll – Frequently Asked Questions

KBZPay Payroll is Mini App which is available in Partner App and can be applied by any agents and merchant for salary disbursement to the employees who are using KBZPay Customer App level 1.5 and Level 2.0.

KBZPay Payroll is an easy and simple app to disburse the employee salary in KBZPay partner app for the micro and small businesses with the small number of employees.

Current KBZPay Agents & Merchants can easily apply this service in Partner App by clicking KBZPay Payroll Menu.

Currently, a KBZPay Agent or  Merchant can apply for this service to make salary disbursements to their employees.

Existing KBZPay Agents & Merchants do not need to submit any documents after filing a few information to apply for this service.

KBZPay Payroll Mini menu can be found Payment service  by clicking “More” in KBZPay Partner App for Agents/Merchants.
KBZPay Payroll Menu can be found in the Agent home screen for Super Agents.

Employees need KBZPay Blue App version 1.5 and version 2 to receive the salary.

Yes, you can make the employee related payment with KBZPay Payroll. Those are salary, pocket money, bonus, allowances, etc.

It’s instant after the service is applied successfully.