Announcement – KBZPay Center for Customers in Myanmar

KBZPay Centers are providing the below services daily from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM. 

  • Customer Onboarding KBZPay 
  • KYC Update 
  • Bank Account Linkage 
  • Cash In/ Out 
  • OTC Remittances 
  • Quick Pay 
  • Mobile Top Up 
  • Bill Payment 
  • Buy Gift Card 
  • Travel Packages Purchasing

KBZPay Customers in Myanmar can now cash out at all KBZPay Centers without booking an appointment starting from 16th May. Customers can get all the KBZPay services including cash out and onboarding service at the agents from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 7day a week.  The daily limit of cash in, cash out, and remittance per customer is the same as the standard daily limit of  KBZPay blue apps.

The detailed locations and available services of KBZPay Centers in Myanmar are as follows:

Center NameCenter CodeLocation
Yangon Central Railway Station (Budargyi)C044 (YGN 24)Yangon Central Railway station, Kun Chan Street, Mingalar Taungnyunt, Yangon.
KBZPay Aung Mingalar CenterC043 (YGN 23)Arrival Terminal, Aung Mingalar Highway Station, Mingalardon, Yangon.
Times City CenterKBZPay Center 001- YGN01Room No (217), Shop house 2, Time City Complex, Corner of Hantharwati road and Kyun Taw Road, Kamaryut Township.
MinYeKyawSwar Sein Kyun CenterKBZPay Center 002- YGN02Beside City Mall Building, Min Ye Kyaw Swar Road
YadanarRd, South Oakalarpa CenterKBZPay Center 003- YGN03No. 337, Ground Floor, Yadanar Street.
Sanchaung Pandonma CenterKBZPay Center 005- YGN05No. 162, RM A1, Ground Flr, Corner of Sanchaung St. & West Myay Ni Gone St, Sanchaung Township
Yaekyaw CenterKBZPay Center 004- YGN04Room 108, Ground floor, Corner of Bogyoke St. & Yae Kyaw St.(9) Ward, Pazundaung Tsp
ShwepyaesoneMarket CenterKBZPay Center 006- YGN06Room A&B, Ground Floor, ShwePyae.Sone Market (Mingalar Market), Mingalar Taung Nyun Tsp
ShweTaungTan CenterKBZPay Center 012- YGN08No.490, corner of Kann Nar & Shwe Taung Tan St., 7th Ward, Lanmadaw Tsp
Hledan Market CenterKBZPay Center 013- YGN09No.12, Hledan St., 3rd Ward, Kamayut Tsp
Anawyahtar CenterKBZPay Center 011- YGN07No.216, 218, 220, Anawrahta Rd, 11th ward, Pebedan Tsp
HlaingTharYar TabinShweHtee CenterKBZPay Center 014- YGN10No.02, Ground Floor, Tapin Shwe Htee & Nyaungdon St.
Tapin Shwe Htee Housing, Hlaing Tharyar Tsp.
SanYeikNyein CenterKBZPay Center 023- YGN14 No.95, ground floor,Ygn-Insein Road, in front of Ga Mone Pwint Shopping Mall, San Yeik Nyein Quarter, Ward 1, Kamayut Tsp
KyaukTada CenterKBZPay Center 022- YGN1333/49, Mahabandula Park Street, Ward 2, Kyauktada Township
KyaukMyaung CenterKBZPay Center 021- YGN12No. 206, Kyaikkasan Street, Kyar Kwat Thit Ward, Tamwe Tsp. (near Kyauk Myaung Zay Bus Stop)
SanPya CenterKBZPay Center 020- YGN11No. 57, Lay Daung Kan Road, Lay Daung Kan Ward, Thingangyun Township
ShweKanTharYar CenterKBZPay Center 024- YGN15No (9/11), Shwe Kan Thar Housing, Yangon-Pathein Road, Hlaing Tharyar
InseinGyoeGone CenterKBZPay Center 026- YGN17 No 31 / A, Mahar Thukithar Street, East Gyogone, Insein
DawBonYamonar CenterKBZPay Center 025- YGN16 No(61),Yamonnnar Road, Zayar Thiri Quarter, Daw Bon
HlaingTharYar MeeKwetZay CenterKBZPay Center 037- YGN18No. 285A, Corner of Seinpanmyaing and Tayooyin Street, 7 Qtr, Hlaingtharyar.
ShwePyiThar CenterKBZPay Center 039- YGN19No. 5/4-157, Corner of BoGyoke Rd & Khaing Marlar Street, Shwepyithar
Thaketa CenterKBZPay Center 40 YGN 20No. 32 Zingama Street, 2 North Quarter, Thaketa Tsp
Sanchaung Baho Road CenterKBZPay Center 41 YGN 21Room No. 160 - 164 D1, Baho Street (Between Nyaung Done and Ma Aubin Street), San Chaung Township
Yangon Airport CenterKBZPay Center 42 YGN 22Yangon International Airport, Terminal -1, Money Changer Counter, (A-1), Ground Floor, Arrival Public Area
Mingalardon, Yangon.
Center NameCenter CodeLocation
MDY Ye'MonTaung CenterKBZPay Center 009- MDY0335 st Bet; 56 x 57 st , Mahar Aung Myay Tsp.
MDY PyigyiMyatShin CenterKBZPay Center 007- MDY0130th St, Between 64×65 St, Chan Aye Thar Zan Tsp
MDY Manawhari CenterKBZPay Center 008- MDY02No. F 9/91, Room 2, Manawharry St, Between 65th & 66th St Myo Thit (2) Qtr, Chan Mya Tharsi Tsp, Mandalay
MDY Thanhlyetmaw East CenterKBZPay Center 038- MDY04Bld-Thazin-2, 41st, Between 87st & 88st, Than Hlyat Hmaw (East) Qtr, Mahar Aung Myay Township, Mandalay.
Meiktila CenterKBZPay Center 028- Meikhtiler01 No 74, KyaukPaDaung Rd, Ywathit Kone, Aung San Ward (infront of Pyithu Hospital, Meikhtila)
Center NameCenter CodeLocation
NayPyiTaw CenterKBZPay Center 015- NayPyiTaw01KBZ Bank Branch (5) 261/262/268/269 Yarza Thinga Street, Tha Pyay Gone Ward, Zabu There Tsp, Nay Pyi Taw.
Center NameCenter CodeLocation
Pathein CenterKBZPay Center 018- Pathein01No (B-7/8), Kone Si Dine And Pwae Yone Tan, Pathein.
Labutta CenterKBZPay Center 035- Laputta01Upaing (133), Akwat (Sandar Thiri), (5/Merchant Street) Village, Labutta.
Center NameCenter CodeLocation
BGO IconMall CenterKBZPay Center 016-Bago01No.9 (B), ICON Shopping Mall,
Yangon Mandalay Road, Clock Tower Yone Gyi Qtr, Bago
PYAY CenterKBZPay Center 019- Pyay01 (PYAY Center)No.349 , Lanshae St. Ta Lan maung Kwae, Santaw Qtr, Pyay Tsp.
TaungOo CenterKBZPay Center 031- TaungOo01 (TaungOo Center)No 16 / 123, Zay Street, (6) Qtr, Taungoo
Center NameCenter CodeLocation
Magway CenterKBZPay Center 029- Mgway01No.(296-B) Corner of Thukhitar Street and Mae Htee Road, Yanway Qtr, Magway
Pakokku CenterKBZPay Center 030- Pakokhu01No 38, Corner of Thiri Mahar Myoe Pat St. & Yeik Thar St, (3) Qtr, Pakokku
Center NameCenter CodeLocation
Mawlamyaing CenterKBZPay Center 017- Mawlamyaing01No.417, Lower Road, Mayangone Quarter, Mawlamyine Tsp.
Thaton CenterKBZPay Center 036- Thaton01No.69, South of Pagoda Road, Theingone Quarter, YGN-MLM Highway Rd, Thaton
Center NameCenter CodeLocation
Kyaing Tone CenterKBZPay Center 033- KyaingTone01No(14), Kyaing Lan(1)St, Qtr(2), Kyaing Tong
Nyaung Shwe CenterKBZPay Center 034- NyaungShwe01No.30, Lanmadaw Road, Kanthar Qtr, Nyaung Shwe (Upaing no.95)
Tachileik CenterKBZPay Center 27- Tachieleik01 No. (3,4,13,20,29), Bogyoke Aung San Road, Mae Khaung Qtr, Tarchileik.
Taungyi Kan Shae CenterKBZPay Center 010-TGI01 No-182, Yay Htwat Oo St, Kan (East) qtr
Center NameCenter CodeLocation
Myeik CenterKBZPay Center 032- Myeik01No 71, Kan Phyar Street, Kan Phyar Qtr, Myeik.

We will keep on adding more services to the KBZPay Center. Please visit our website for information updates