Unlock Cashback Opportunities with Quick Access Loan 

We are excited to provide KBZPay agents with an exclusive chance to get a Quick Access Loan and receive attractive cashback benefits.

During the campaign, KBZPay Agents acquiring a Quick Access Loan from February 12 to March 11, 2024, will receive the following benefits:

✦ The first (15) KBZPay Agents who secure easy loans weekly will be eligible for a 20,000 kyat refund

✦ A total of (15) agents per week, distributed evenly across four weeks, amounting to 60 KBZPay Agents in total, will have the opportunity to receive rebates.

✦ The lucky winners of the cashback will be announced weekly.

Refunds will be directly credited to the KBZPay Agent account of the winner. Therefore, get a Quick Access Loan now to not only secure cashback but also address your business requirements.

The KBZPay Agents who won cashback during the first week and obtained the Quick Access Loan have revealed.

Heartfelt congratulations to all KBZPay agents who availed of the Quick Access Loan and emerged as lucky cashback recipients in this initiative. 

For a detailed list of cashback winners –

Winner NameWinner Phone NumberDocument No.
NI SAN09250xxxxxx127AL240213001
AUNG MYO LIN09760xxxxxx272AL240202001
WAI HLAING MAR09444xxxxxx315AL240213001
JAP SENG JA09694xxxxxx328AL240213001
THANT SIN09971xxxxxx129AL240209001
NAY CHI NU NU WIN09790xxxxxx161AL240208001
KYAW SAN09790xxxxxx161AL240205001
NAY CHI PAING OO09971xxxxxx272AL240202003
THAN THAN NWET09444xxxxxx311AL240214001
HLA HLA YI09967xxxxxxx069AL240215001
TIN TUN LATT09517xxxx089AL231018001
NAY MYO THIN09777xxxxxx311AL240215001
HTUN KO KO09973xxxxxx087AL240214001
SHWE SIN WIN MYAT09696xxxxxx350AL240216002
MI MI AUNG09790xxxxxx350AL240216001

The list of second-week cashback winners is as follows:

Winner NameWinner Phone NumberDocument No.
HSAN LIN HTUT09790xxxxxx309AL240219001
ZAW SHIN09420xxxxxx024AL240219001
KAUNG MYAT NAING09799xxxxxx065AL240219001
PHYO SU WIN09950xxxxxx213AL240112001
CAESAR KYI WIN09695xxxxxx112AL240220001
YEE YEE HLAING09428xxxxxx128AL240220001
SAI SENG MHINE09898xxxxxx053AL240220001
ZAY YAR MYINT SOE09250xxxxxx084AL240221001
SU MYAT NOE09421xxxxxx245AL240221001
THIDAR MAW09457xxxxxx226AL240214001
AUNG PHYO WAI09402xxxxxx129AL240222002
TUN TUN NAING09898xxxxxx195AL240222001
HARDI OHN09428xxxxxx199AL240223001
AUNG NAING LIN09447xxxxxx322AL240223001
KYAW LINN MIN09252xxxxxx073AL240223001

The list of third-week cashback winners is as follows:

Winner NameWinner Phone NumberDocument No.
KHUN AUNG TUN WIN09428xxxxxx053AL240301002
KHING ZAR PHYO09797xxxxxx161AL240301001
RAW MASE KUMAR09777xxxxxx053AL240301001
KHIN MYA MU09402xxxxxx205AL240226001
WAI WAI PHU09256xxxxxx227AL240226001
LAY KHAING09456xxxxxx020AL240226001
NAY THU HEIN09428xxxxxx053AL240227001
SANDAR YU AUNG09790xxxxxx270AL240227001
ZAW WIN TUN09799xxxxxx265AL240209001
NI NI AUNG09790xxxxxx158AL240228001
PAN WOUT YEE ZOE09410xxxxx012AL240228001
AYE SANDAR WIN09430xxxxx127AL240130001
THU HTOO ZAN09458xxxxxx030AL240222003
NI NI AYE09693xxxxxx196AL240130001
POE EI LAY09893xxxxxx073AL231213001

The list of last week’s cashback winners is as follows:

Winner NameWinner Phone NumberDocument No.
MYINT SWE09444xxxxxx077AL231025001
KYAW HLA09955xxxxxx361AL240206001
NWAY NWAY NAN WAI09696xxxxxx090AL240125002
EI EI MON09791xxxxxx178AL240216002
NANG HTET HTET KYI09798xxxxxx035AL240304001
AYE AYE09254xxxxxx038AL240216002
TUN TUN LINN09421xxxxxx363AL240305001
MAY HNIN MON09977xxxxxx303AL240305001
KHINE KHINE09773xxxxxx159AL240306002
NANG YEE MON AUNG09526xxxx008AL240307001
HSU AKARI09977xxxxxx081AL240301001
LIN HTET WIN09452xxxxxx222AL240307001
ZAR NI TUN09952xxxxxx221AL240308001

The Quick Access Loan not only facilitates KBZPay Transactions but also empowers you to withdraw and utilize E-Money as per your business requirements easily.

With loan amounts approved by KBZ Bank ranging from 500,000 Kyats to 5,000,000 Kyats, you can access and utilize funds swiftly and seamlessly through the KBZPay Partner App. The Quick Access Loan is tailored to suit KBZPay Agents, enabling easy loan application by representatives.

The Quick Access Loan– you can conveniently access the required amount within the loan period of one year, ensuring your business operations remain smooth and well-supported. Additionally, benefits from the advantage of repaying the loan amount at a low interest rate monthly.

Terms and conditions apply.