1. KBZPay Christmas Pocket Money Giveaway Campaign period is from December 24, 2020 to December 27, 2020.

2. The purpose of KBZPay Christmas Pocket Money Giveaway Campaign is for all KBZPay Level 1, Level 1.5, and Level 2 Customers to get a chance of sharing and opening up to 100,000,000 Kyats giveaway with KBZPay Pocket Money during Christmas.

3. KBZPay will share the pocket money to all KBZPay customers (all levels) at 8:00 PM on 24th of December on the first round,and at every 8:00 PM & 12:00PM (from 25 to 27) for next rounds until 27 of December. There will be a  total of 7 rounds of pocket money. 

Pocket Money Giveaway will be first come first serve only. As it is first come, first serve basis, customers are encouraged to log in to their KBZPay account prior to the start of the campaign to get the chance to open the KBZPay Pocket Money.

Customers can invite friends to open new KBZPay accounts before starting of each round of the pocket money event, at 12 PM & 8 PM every day. For the first new KBZPay account invited successfully, inviters can get 0.1 times of the pocket money opened, (For example- if the pocket money winning amount is 1,000 Ks, 100 Ks which is 0.1 times will be added into it and the total winning amount is 1100).

  • The amount of pocket money will be increased by 0.05 on each new customer joining the campaign after the first successful invite. 
  • The maximum multiplier a customer can get is doubled the pocket money opened 
  • If the customers did not win the pocket money  in a round, the multiplier number will be accumulated to the next rounds until the customer  wins the pocket money. 
  • The invitation to open new KBZPay accounts will be closed at 11:50 AM & 7:50 PM every day, so, in order to increase the pocket money amount, the KBZPay account openings are needed to be done before 11:50 AM & 7:50 PM for each round, or, it will be carried out to next round.

4. All announcements will be made on KBZPay’s official Facebook page, so please stay tuned and like and follow our KBZPay Official Facebook Page with Blue Mark.

5. You will get the chance to participate in the KBZPay Christmas Pocket Money Giveaway Campaign one time a day per person on 24 of December at 8:00 PM, and two times a day per person from 25 to 27 December at 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM each. 

6. Upon claiming your Pocket Money, it will take around 30 minutes for the winning cash amount to deposit into your KBZPay wallet.

7. You must make sure to log into the KBZPay account within 7 days upon receiving the pocket money.

8. KBZPay employees will not contact participants in the campaign to ask for OTP, PIN or account information.

9. Customers are strictly forbidden to cheat in any other form or manner during KBZPay Pocket Money Giveaway Campaign. KBZPay has the right to cancel and/or ban any customer who is suspected to be cheating in any form and/or manner.

10. Any dispute arises between the winners and KBZPay, if any, will be at the sole discretion of KBZPay.

11. Winners shall not be entitled to any indemnity as a result of such unilateral cancellation and / or on variation of these terms and conditions.

12. KBZPay reserves the right, at any time, and without any prior notice, to terminate and/or withdraw the prize and/or cancel and/or vary its benefits or features, and/or vary, add to or delete any of the terms and conditions.

13. All normal KBZPay terms and conditions apply.

14. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

15. KBZ Bank reserves the right to revise initiatives introduced in response to COVID-19 at any time, as the situation evolves.