Mini Game

Mini Game

You can now play fun and relaxing Mini Games in KBZPay. You can find the Mini Game Icon in KBZPay Application under My Services and play the games.
Let’s see what games are available….

Magic Rings

Magic Rings is a game where you connect and match the ring of the same color. There will be three sizes of rings; large, medium and small, and rings can be in seven different colors. You have to solve puzzles of different sizes and colors and get the highest points. Once you have tried it, you will definitely want to play it without putting your phone down.

Thunder Fighter

Thunder Fighter 3D is a remake of the arcade game that we used to play when we were kids. It is a game where you have to defeat the enemy aircraft in space, upgrade the weapon to fight the master and find more coins to upgrade your weapon.

Super Pets

Super Pets is a puzzle game in which you have to eliminate animals of the same color. The longer the row, the easier it is to play, and you can connect with the same color anywhere on the top, bottom, left, right, so you have to keep an eye on it.

Ninja rush

In Ninja Rush, on each ninja player’s turn, they flip the Sensei cards and with ninja-quick reflexes, quickly choose another player to flip and to where. If you don’t let the sand timer run out, you can win ninja stars for success. However, ninjas need to be very focused because quick change of direction cards can come up at any time.