Make payment with KBZPay at Makro

KBZPay customers can now make payments easily with KBZPay at Makro. 

Payment process is as below; 
Step (1) – Enter KBZPay application to make payment.
Step (2) – Click “Scan”
Step (3) – Scan QR code which appears on the POS machine screen at the counter.
Step (4) – When the total amount appears, enter the PIN number to  payment(or) Pay with Fingerprint/Face ID system. 

There is also a chance of getting gift items from KBZPay upon the payment of 100,000 Ks and above.  Promotion dates are 15th, 16th and 17th Sep and the gift items are limited, pay with KBZPay now to grab the chances.

Download the latest version of KBZPay, to enhance your experience!

Android :