Samsung 0% Interest in KBZPay Shopper Loan – FAQs

You can apply for a loan through KBZPay Shopper Loan and buy specific Samsung products with interest free. 

  1. Enter the KBZPay Loan Center in the KBZPay Application. 
  2. Click on “KBZPay Shopper Loan”. And then click the “Apply Now” button. 
  3. After that select the product from “Add Special Offer ” from the loan request amount page and click the “Apply Now” button.

Residents who are currently living in Yangon or Mandalay can apply for the loan.

No, you cannot. Currently, only residents of Yangon or Mandalay can apply for the loan. It will be announced in KBZPay if more available cities are added. So to keep updated with current news, please continue to use the KBZPay mobile app.

No, you cannot. When you buy a Samsung product with 0% interest, the loan tender is fixed for 6 months. 

Preorder Date is from 10.2.2022 to 25.2.2022 and Pick-up date is from 1.3.2022 to 6.3.2022.

You could choose the color when Samsung call center contacts you to confirm your order. 

Samsung dealers will communicate with you and will confirm the order within 3 working days after your loan approval. 

Please contact KBZPay Call Center (or) Samsung Call Center 

KBZPay Call Center : 3211

Samsung Call Center : 012399888 

You can pick up your order at designated Samsung Showrooms. 

Please contact Samsung call center for further inquiry ( Samsung call center No. 012399888 ).

Please choose the product  and content carefully. The Sales Representative from Samsung can provide guidance on the steps to follow.

Make sure you choose the correct  product you would like to purchase. If something goes wrong, it is the customer’s responsibility.

Since all the Samsung mobile phones are with KNOX systems, if the customers fail to pay back the monthly installment for the shopper loan, the mobile phone will be automatically locked. It can only be unlocked once the monthly payment has been paid by the customer. The data from the phone will not be affected if the phone is locked. The automatic mobile phone locking and unlocking system will cease once the customers have made the full payment.