Get Booking Appointments for cash withdrawal from Sunday to Friday through KBZPay

Bookings for cash withdrawal at Branches and KBZPay Centers can now be taken from KBZPay ‘Book Appointment’ feature. For Bank Appointment, customers can book from Sunday to Thursday (9am to 9pm)  and for KBZPay Centers,  customers can book from Sunday to Friday (9am to 9pm). 

Customers can start bookings for Cash Withdrawal at Branches and KBZPay Centers from Sunday (13.3.2022).

How to use the newly introduced “Book Appointment” feature

  1. Log into KBZPay and choose ‘Book Appointment’ under ‘My Services’ on the homepage or under ‘Finance and Loan Services’ on the Life page.
  2. Please choose the bank branches or KBZPay Centers depending on the services and the amount of cash you want to withdraw.
  3. When an appointment is successful, customers will be notified through KBZPay by SMS. In addition, the booking status will be updated after 10pm on the same day of the booking in the KBZPay app.  
  4. Customers can withdraw cash up to 500,000 MMK through Branch Appointment and up to 300,000 MMK through KBZPay Centers. 
  5. This Booking is available for Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw for Branch Appointment and the available KBZPay Centers in Myanmar. 
  6. The customers with successful booking can get the appointment again after 7 days from the cash withdrawal date. Customers who can get weekly bookings will get the chance to withdraw cash weekly.
ServicesBranch AppointmentKBZPay Center Appointment
Booking Date and TimeSunday to Thursday
(9am to 9pm)
Sunday to Friday 
(9am to 9pm)
Cash Withdrawal AmountUp to 500,000 MMKUp to 300,000 MMK

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For Further information, please contact KBZPay Call Center at 3211.