Unlock Cashback Opportunities with Quick Access Loan 

We are excited to provide KBZPay agents with an exclusive chance to get a Quick Access Loan and receive attractive cashback benefits.

During the campaign, KBZPay Agents acquiring a Quick Access Loan from February 12 to March 11, 2024, will receive the following benefits:

✦ The first (15) KBZPay Agents who secure easy loans weekly will be eligible for a 20,000 kyat refund

✦ A total of (15) agents per week, distributed evenly across four weeks, amounting to 60 KBZPay Agents in total, will have the opportunity to receive rebates.

✦ The lucky winners of the cashback will be announced weekly.

Refunds will be directly credited to the KBZPay Agent account of the winner. Therefore, get a Quick Access Loan now to not only secure cashback but also address your business requirements.

The KBZPay Agents who won cashback during the first week and obtained the Quick Access Loan have revealed.

Heartfelt congratulations to all KBZPay agents who availed of the Quick Access Loan and emerged as lucky cashback recipients in this initiative. 

For a detailed list of cashback winners –

Winner NameWinner Phone NumberDocument No.
NI SAN09250xxxxxx127AL240213001
AUNG MYO LIN09760xxxxxx272AL240202001
WAI HLAING MAR09444xxxxxx315AL240213001
JAP SENG JA09694xxxxxx328AL240213001
THANT SIN09971xxxxxx129AL240209001
NAY CHI NU NU WIN09790xxxxxx161AL240208001
KYAW SAN09790xxxxxx161AL240205001
NAY CHI PAING OO09971xxxxxx272AL240202003
THAN THAN NWET09444xxxxxx311AL240214001
HLA HLA YI09967xxxxxxx069AL240215001
TIN TUN LATT09517xxxx089AL231018001
NAY MYO THIN09777xxxxxx311AL240215001
HTUN KO KO09973xxxxxx087AL240214001
SHWE SIN WIN MYAT09696xxxxxx350AL240216002
MI MI AUNG09790xxxxxx350AL240216001

The list of second-week cashback winners is as follows:

Winner NameWinner Phone NumberDocument No.
HSAN LIN HTUT09790xxxxxx309AL240219001
ZAW SHIN09420xxxxxx024AL240219001
KAUNG MYAT NAING09799xxxxxx065AL240219001
PHYO SU WIN09950xxxxxx213AL240112001
CAESAR KYI WIN09695xxxxxx112AL240220001
YEE YEE HLAING09428xxxxxx128AL240220001
SAI SENG MHINE09898xxxxxx053AL240220001
ZAY YAR MYINT SOE09250xxxxxx084AL240221001
SU MYAT NOE09421xxxxxx245AL240221001
THIDAR MAW09457xxxxxx226AL240214001
AUNG PHYO WAI09402xxxxxx129AL240222002
TUN TUN NAING09898xxxxxx195AL240222001
HARDI OHN09428xxxxxx199AL240223001
AUNG NAING LIN09447xxxxxx322AL240223001
KYAW LINN MIN09252xxxxxx073AL240223001

The list of third-week cashback winners is as follows:

Winner NameWinner Phone NumberDocument No.
KHUN AUNG TUN WIN09428xxxxxx053AL240301002
KHING ZAR PHYO09797xxxxxx161AL240301001
RAW MASE KUMAR09777xxxxxx053AL240301001
KHIN MYA MU09402xxxxxx205AL240226001
WAI WAI PHU09256xxxxxx227AL240226001
LAY KHAING09456xxxxxx020AL240226001
NAY THU HEIN09428xxxxxx053AL240227001
SANDAR YU AUNG09790xxxxxx270AL240227001
ZAW WIN TUN09799xxxxxx265AL240209001
NI NI AUNG09790xxxxxx158AL240228001
PAN WOUT YEE ZOE09410xxxxx012AL240228001
AYE SANDAR WIN09430xxxxx127AL240130001
THU HTOO ZAN09458xxxxxx030AL240222003
NI NI AYE09693xxxxxx196AL240130001
POE EI LAY09893xxxxxx073AL231213001

The list of last week’s cashback winners is as follows:

Winner NameWinner Phone NumberDocument No.
MYINT SWE09444xxxxxx077AL231025001
KYAW HLA09955xxxxxx361AL240206001
NWAY NWAY NAN WAI09696xxxxxx090AL240125002
EI EI MON09791xxxxxx178AL240216002
NANG HTET HTET KYI09798xxxxxx035AL240304001
AYE AYE09254xxxxxx038AL240216002
TUN TUN LINN09421xxxxxx363AL240305001
MAY HNIN MON09977xxxxxx303AL240305001
KHINE KHINE09773xxxxxx159AL240306002
NANG YEE MON AUNG09526xxxx008AL240307001
HSU AKARI09977xxxxxx081AL240301001
LIN HTET WIN09452xxxxxx222AL240307001
ZAR NI TUN09952xxxxxx221AL240308001

The Quick Access Loan not only facilitates KBZPay Transactions but also empowers you to withdraw and utilize E-Money as per your business requirements easily.

With loan amounts approved by KBZ Bank ranging from 500,000 Kyats to 5,000,000 Kyats, you can access and utilize funds swiftly and seamlessly through the KBZPay Partner App. The Quick Access Loan is tailored to suit KBZPay Agents, enabling easy loan application by representatives.

The Quick Access Loan– you can conveniently access the required amount within the loan period of one year, ensuring your business operations remain smooth and well-supported. Additionally, benefits from the advantage of repaying the loan amount at a low interest rate monthly.

Terms and conditions apply.

Receive Overseas Transfers to Win Gold and Cash Prizes during Thadingyut

Dear Valued Customers,

This Thadingyut, we want to show our appreciation for our valued customers who regularly use our overseas remittance services.

By sending at least 200,000 MMK from any Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), the beneficiaries can receive the money transfer through their preferred methods (KBZPay Wallet, KBZ Bank account and cash withdrawal of overseas remittances at KBZ Bank branches) and win exciting prizes.

1 tical of gold as the first prize, the second prize is 1,000,000 MMK, and the third prize is 500,000 MMK. In addition, 10 special prizes of 100,000 MMK will also be awarded. The campaign period is from October 26, 2023 to November 25, 2023. 

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity and receive overseas transfers on the occasion of Thadingyut and win prizes now. 

Please visit this link for more details about the Campaign.

We would like to present the lucky winners of the program “Receive Overseas Transfers to Win Gold and Cash Prizes during Thadingyut” from October 26th to November 25th, 2023.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all those who participated in the program and congratulate the lucky winners of gold and cash prizes.

No.PrizesWinner NameWinner Phone Number
1.Gold 1 ticalU Sa Kyaw Soe Moe0966980xxx
2. 1,000,000 MMKU Myo Naing0944058xxxx
3.500,000 MMKU Than Khine Htwe0942001xxxx
4.100,000 MMKDaw Naw Htoo Lay Phaw0966206xxxx
5100,000 MMKClyde Catabay0925037xxxx
6.100,000 MMKU Nyi Htwe Aung0978349xxxx
7.100,000 MMKU Paul Khai Khan Thang0925617xxxx
8.100,000 MMKU Ye Lin Aung0945953xxxx
9.100,000 MMKU Saw Tun Lin0979226xxxx
10.100,000 MMKDaw Su Myat Khaing0942220xxxx
11.100,000 MMKU Wai Yan Phyo0979963xxxx
12.100,000 MMKDaw Nang Kwan Kham0925536xxxx
13.100,000 MMKU Saw Tun Lwin0925989xxxx

Let’s Talk with KBZ Viber Stickers

Let’s Talk with KBZ Viber Stickers

Despite our busy schedules, we always feel connected with our loved ones thanks to advances in technology. Through technology and the platforms it provides, we can share our memories, life events, happiness, successes, and failures.

In addition to our daily activities, if you want to chat or discuss financial topics with your loved ones, KBZ Viber Stickers are here. Whether asking for pocket money or discussing KBZ related financial educational topics, you can now use attractive and cute stickers to communicate with your loved ones. 

Download the KBZ Viber Sticker pack through this link to start chatting with your loved ones now.

Expand Your Business and Win Prizes with Quick Access Loan for KBZPay Agents

We’re thrilled to share an incredible chance for KBZPay Agents to grow your business and be rewarded with exclusive prizes. Introducing the Quick Access Loan, available through the KBZPay Partner App from September 1st to 30th, 2023 – your gateway to expansion and exciting rewards.

Win These Exclusive Prizes:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5” (2 winners)
  • Remax Power Bank 20000 mAh (14 winners)

Elevate your business prospects by seizing this opportunity to apply for the Quick Access Loan, the ultimate solution designed exclusively for KBZPay Agents.

This versatile loan not only facilitates KBZPay Transactions but also empowers you to easily withdraw and utilize E-Money as per your business requirements.

With loan amounts approved by KBZ Bank ranging from 500,000 Kyats to 5,000,000 Kyats, you can access and utilize funds swiftly and seamlessly through the KBZPay Partner App. The Quick Access Loan is tailored to suit KBZPay Agents, enabling easy loan application by representatives.

The Quick Access Loan– you can conveniently access the required amount within the loan period of one year, ensuring your business operations remain smooth and well-supported. Additionally, benefit from the advantage of repaying the loan amount at a low interest rate on a monthly basis.

We are pleased to unveil the (2) winners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 and (14)  winners of the Remax Power Bank 20000 mAh among KBZPay Agents who applied for the Quick Access Loan.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to all the dedicated KBZPay Agents who took part in this initiative.

Congratulations to all the KBZPay Agents who have achieved special recognition in this program.

We also invite KBZPay Agents to stay engaged for future opportunities to win incredible prizes. 

The lucky winners are listed below.

Winner NamePhone NumberPrizeState
U LIN AUNG0978008xxxxSamsung TabletYangon
DAW HNIN WAI OO0925456xxxxSamsung TabletNaypyitaw
DAW WIN THIDAR AUNG09509xxxxRemax Power BankYangon
KO MYAT LYNN THU09510xxxxRemax Power BankYangon
YEE YEE THANT0945358xxxxRemax Power BankYangon
U ZAW LINN KYI0996471xxxxRemax Power BankBago
U ZAW WIN HTIKE0942399xxxxRemax Power BankTanitharyi
KHAING HEIN MYAT0997437xxxxRemax Power BankMagway
U YE MIN THU0966214xxxxRemax Power BankBago
MAY CHAN MYAE0978723xxxxRemax Power BankYangon
U YAN NAING TUN0944412xxxxRemax Power BankMon
U NAING AYE0926467xxxxRemax Power BankAyeyawady
U THAN HTIKE0942906xxxxRemax Power BankAyeyawady
U HSEN LYNN0997355xxxxRemax Power BankBago
U WIN NAING0945068xxxxRemax Power BankRakhine
DAW WAI PHYO PAING09513xxxxRemax Power BankYangon

KBZPay and K PLUS partner to offer cross-border digital remittance from Thailand to Myanmar

The partnership between KBZPay, Myanmar’s largest e-wallet, and KBank, a leading digital banking solution provider in Thailand, is aimed at offering a unique cross-border digital remittance experience for migrant workers in Thailand. This collaboration allows customers to transfer money directly to their friends or family members in Myanmar using a smart, convenient, secure, and entirely digital process and in real-time.

By leveraging the capabilities of KBZPay’s e-wallet platform and KBank’s digital banking solutions – K PLUS Mobile Banking, this partnership aims to simplify and enhance the remittance process for Myanmar customers in Thailand. They can now transfer money from K PLUS directly to the KBZPay wallet of their families/friends in Myanmar without the need for visiting the bank as before.

It offers greater convenience as customers can initiate transfers through their smartphones at any time and from anywhere through K PLUS Mobile Banking to KBZPay’s e-wallet. Moreover, the process is more secure, leveraging the advanced security measures and technologies powered by both KBZPay’s e-wallet and K PLUS Mobile Banking.

As a special promotion, there will be free of charge for every transaction starting from 16th August to 31st October, 2023. 

It’s just a simple step to transfer money directly to a KBZPay account through K PLUS mobile banking. 

  • Step 1: Select “Transfer”
  • Step 2: Select “International Transfer”
  • Step 3: Fill in address (For 1st time), then press “Next”
  • Step 4: Choose “Myanmar”
  • Step 5: Fill in KBZPay Phone Number and other information such as transfer amount, transfer objective
  • Step 6: Verify info, then click “Confirm”

Beneficiaries in Myanmar can check K PLUS remittances through KBZPay’s Transaction Message or History and each transaction allows a maximum transfer of 5,000,000 MMK to the KBZPay wallet per day. The beneficiary’s KBZPay account needs to be at Level-2 in order to receive the transfers.

Beneficiaries can receive funds in real-time, including on weekends and public holidays. They can also withdraw cash from KBZ Bank branches, ATMs, KBZPay Centers, and KBZPay Agents, subject to the cash withdrawal limits.

Limit & Fees

TypeLimit AmountCharges
Transfer from K PLUS to KBZPayMinimum 100,000 MMK to Maximum 5,000,000 MMK (per transaction)From 50 Baht to 250 Baht as per transaction limit
Cash out at KBZPay agentMaximum 1,000,000 MMK (per day)From 300 MMK to 7,800 MMK as per withdrawal limit
Cash out at KBZPay CenterMaximum 1,000,000 MMK (per day)From 300 MMK to 7,800 MMK as per withdrawal limit
Cash out at KBZ BranchesMaximum 1,000,000 MMK (per day)From 300 MMK 7,800 MMK as per withdrawal limit
Cash out at ATM (KBZPay ATM cash out)Maximum 1,000,000 MMK (per day)No fees for 0-300,0000.3% for 300,001-500,0000.5% for 500,001-1,000,000

For more information, please contact the KBZPay call center at 3211.

Cash into KBZPay with Mastercard and Visa cards

KBZPay level (2) users can now  conveniently cash in to their  KBZPay account from any Visa/Mastercard (Except KBZ Visa/Mastercard). T

KBZPay level (2) users can now  conveniently cash in to their  KBZPay account from any Visa/Mastercard (Except KBZ Visa/Mastercard). The maximum cash in limit per day is 1,000,000Ks and customers can cash in between 30,000 Ks to 300,000 Ks per transaction. 

As a first-time user, customers will have  two methods to cash in; “One-time Cash In” and “Link Card”. If you prefer to make a one-time cash in only when necessary and without saving your card information, you can choose “One-time Cash In”. Alternatively, if you want to cash  in easily with OTP (One-Time Password) and without having to enter your card information every time, you can choose “Link Card” and fill in your card information beforehand.

To participate in the campaign and to enhance your user experience, please upgrade your KBZPay account to Level 2 and update your KBZPay Application to the latest version.
iOS: https://apple.co/31igRU9
Android : https://bit.ly/3rTwa2J

MOCHA Cyclone Relief Efforts by KBZ Bank, KBZPay and KBZPay Market (May 2023) 


KBZPay Market, in collaboration with the Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS), has initiated a joint endeavor to provide assistance to individuals residing in regions impacted by the devastating MOCHA Cyclone in Myanmar. This includes areas such as Sittwe, Mrauk-u, Kyaukphyu, Kyauktaw, Gwa, and other townships in Rakhine State.

Donors can purchase “MOCHA Cyclone Relief Care Packages” and other essential items such as food, medicines, and consumer goods through the “Stand Together to Support the People Affected by Cyclone MOCHA” campaign page on KBZPay Market. KBZPay Market and the Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) will collaborate in delivering the donated items to those affected by the cyclone.

To contribute to the cause, donors are kindly requested to provide the delivery address as “Yangon Region” in the Region box and mention “Red Cross” in the Address box instead of their personal address.  Orders addressed to the Red Cross will be prioritized and expedited to the affected individuals, while personal orders without mention of “Red Cross” in the address will be processed based on remaining stock availability.

The delivery fees will be promptly refunded to customers’ KBZPay wallets within 48 hours.

You can browse the following link to search for the MOCHA Relief Care Packages and other items that may be required for the victims of the cyclone. Let us stand together to support the people affected by Cyclone MOCHA. 

Campaign Period – 17-31 May 2023 

Donate at =>  https://bit.ly/3ogq3bj

Terms and Conditions: Click here.

Step by Step Instructions to Participate in the Campaign

To make a purchase, simply follow the steps outlined below:

Note – When providing the delivery address for the donated items, please input “Yangon Region” in the Region box and “Red Cross” in the Address box, instead of your personal address. (For more details, please refer to Image 5.)

Orders addressed to the Red Cross will be prioritized for immediate delivery to the affected individuals, while regular orders will be processed based on stock availability.

Donate through KBZPay QR towards the people affected by Cyclone MOCHA

Those who wish to make a financial contribution can donate to the following organizations using KBZPay QR.

Natural Disaster Management Fund KBZPay QR code

Follow the step-by-step guide provided below:

1. Open the KBZPay application and log in to your account. 
2. Tap on ‘Scan’.
3. Scan the QR Code of the organization you wish to donate.
4. Enter the desired amount of money you wish to donate.
5. Complete the donation by tapping on the ‘Transfer’ button.

Please note that there are no service fees involved when transferring money via the QR code.

KBZ Bank Waives Transfer Fees on Remittance Services for Areas Affected by Cyclone Mocha

KBZ Bank is offering a waiver on transfer fees for Remittance Services in the areas affected by Cyclone Mocha. This initiative aims to improve convenience for individuals residing in the storm-affected regions of Rakhine State. 

During the period from May 17th to June 30th, customers can now transfer money between designated KBZ Bank branches in Rakhine State and other KBZ Bank branches located outside of Rakhine State without incurring any transfer fees or service charges of any kind. This applies specifically to NRC to NRC Remittances. 

Furthermore, during this period of time (May 17th to June 30th), customers will not be required to pay service fees for the following transactions involving KBZ Bank accounts: transfers made to and from KBZ Bank accounts opened at branches in Rakhine State as well as transfers to any KBZ Bank account opened at any branch of the bank. 

1. Cash Deposit 

2. Cash Withdrawal 

3. Inhouse Cheque Deposit (As Debit Account or as Credit Account, Deposit or Withdrawal made with Cheque) 

4. Account-to-Account Transfer (As Debit Account or as Credit Account, transactions made between accounts) 

KBZPay Waives service charges for Areas Affected by Cyclone Mocha

KBZPay offers Fee-Free Services at KBZ Bank Branches in Rakhine State

To assist the individuals impacted by the MOCHA cyclone in Rakhine State, KBZPay is extending its support by providing free services for the following activities at KBZ Bank branches in Rakhine State from 18th May to 30th June 2023:

  1. Transfer from KBZPay 
  2. Cash-out from KBZPay
  3. Quick Pay Transactions

By offering these complimentary services, KBZPay aims to support and ease the financial challenges experienced by individuals affected by the MOCHA cyclone in Rakhine State.

MOCHA Helpdesk Hotlines for KBZ Bank Employees

Due to the impact of Cyclone MOCHA, phone lines and internet connections have been disrupted for KBZ Bank employees in the affected areas. In response, the KBZ Bank Head Office has promptly established dedicated channels to provide any necessary assistance to bank branches, employees, and their families.

The Internal Helpdesk Hotlines have been set up to serve as a communication channel for KBZ Bank employees to seek assistance for any issues or challenges they may encounter as a result of the cyclone disaster. This assistance extends not only to the branches and KBZ Bank’s employees but also to their families. Employees in the affected areas can directly report their concerns, or other employees, who have received information from those in affected areas, can relay the information on their behalf.

KBZ Bank’s Admin and DPS ( Digital Professional Services) Teams are also providing timely support for cleaning, disinfection, and security management, as well as the repair and construction needs of the affected branches.

Make payment with KBZPay at Denko Petrol Stations

Did you know that KBZPay customers can make payment easily with KBZPay at Denko petrol stations?

Please see the detailed process as follows.

Step (1) – Enter KBZPay application to make payment.
Step (2) – Click “Scan”
Step (3) – Scan QR code which appears on the counter’s screen.
Step (4) – When the total amount appears, enter the PIN number and make payment.

Make payment successfully and easily with KBZPay at Denko petrol stations with this process.

For more details about Denko petrol stations, please see the below table.

NoStation DivisionAddress
1DENKO BAHANYangonNo(5),U Wisara Rd and corner of W/shwegonedine Rd
2DENKO INSEIN Insein Road, corner of Boc, Nantthar Kone Qr: Insein t/S
3DENKO AUNGSANSint Ngu Qr:, Lower Mingalardon Rd, Insein T/s
4DENKO HLEGUTop of Tan 100 san set , Kyunkalay village, Hle gu
5DENKO KONDALABAUNGNo.3 Main Road, Kone Ta La Baung Village,Mingalardon T/S,YGN
6DENKO HLAINGTHAYA (1)Hlaing Thar Yar Lower Htate, 7 Quarter, Nyaung Tone Road, Hlaing Thar Yar
7DENKO HLAINGTHAYA (2)No(151), ANawYaHtar Road, Industrial Zone(5), HTY.
8DENKO HLAINGTHAYA (3)No(3/49), AlalYwar Village Group, HTY.
9DENKO NORTH DAGON (1)No.550,(42)Quarter, BoHmu BaHtoo Street, North Dagon, Yangon
10DENKO NORTH DAGON (2)No(3/F), PyayHtaungSu Road, (27)Qtr,Near South/North Junction, Dagon Myo Thit (North Township)
11DENKO NORTH DAGON (3)No(2/E), BayintNaung Road, Shwe Pin Lon Housing, Dagon Myo Thit (North Township)
12DENKO THANLYIN (1)No(17), Myoma(1)Group, Kyeik Khaut Pagoda Road, ThautTawTwin Qr, Thalyn Township,Yangon.
13DENKO THANLYIN (2)No(671), Kyaung Kan East Field, PhayaKone Village Group, Kyeik Khaut Pagoda Road,
Thalyn Township,Yangon.
14DENKO DAGON SEIKKANNo(1830), (60)Quarter, Coner of Pago River Road&AWayYar Road, Dagon Myoe Thit (Seik Kan Township), Yangon.
15DENKO SHWEPYITHANo(42/305), No(4) Main Road, Industrial Zone(1), Shwe Pyi Thar.
16DENKO NORTH OKKALAPANo(16/H), KayMarThi Road, North Okkalarpa Township, YGN.
17DENKO HTANDABINNo(28(B),29/G, 27/H), ASuGyi Village Group, HtanTaPin Township, YGN.
18DENKO SOUTH DAGONNo1(A-B),(142)Quarter,Between No(2)&KyanSitThar Road, South Dagon.
19DENKO LEWAYNay Pyi TawNo-0356,(7)Quarter, YGN-MDY Old Main Road, Lal Way.
20DENKO TATKONNo(6/YarZarDiYeik), BoMinYaung Quarter, Nal Myay(12), YGN-MDY Old Street, Tat Khone, NayPyiTaw.
21DENKO NAYPYIDAW (1)U Paing No(Ya-5), Naypyitaw Zabuthiri Township, Pyinnyar Thitdi Ward, Pyin Ma Nar, Taung Nyo Street.
22DENKO AYELARNo( 87,136/2), Pyinmanar MyoShaung Road, ( Naypyitaw-Yangon),YonePin Village, Lewe Township, Naypyitaw Kaung Si
23DENKO NAYPYIDAW (2)No(OC 1-6), Thiriyadanar Road, Yadanar TheitHti Quarter, OaktahtaThiri Township, Naypyitaw KaungSi
24DENKO NAYPYIDAW (3)No ( 44/3 ), Than Lwin Road( NayPyiTaw Station Road ), No(2) In Front of PokePaThiri Hospital, Kyin Taung Kan Village Group, PokepaThiri Township, Oaktahta District, NayPyiTaw KaungSi
25DENKO MEIKHTILAR ( 1 )MdyThe side of Meikhtila-Taunggyi , htamonekan village group
26DENKO MEIKHTILAR ( 2 )Kantaung Village, Ward No(1067), Kantaug Kwin, U Paing No196-197
27DENKO THAZI (KYWEDATZON)Meik Hti La-Taung Gyi Road,Near Kywal Tat Sone Toll Gate,Thar Si Township,Mdy Division
28DENKO WUNDWINThe side of Yangon-Mdy Wann twin Rd
29DENKO MADAYARMatayar Township, Kyauk Sayit Taung Village, MDY Division
30DENKO MANDALAY SHWEKYINNo-13-B, Obo Qr; (In front of Shwe kyin monestry),
31DENKO MANDALAY SWEDAWMandalay Highway Car Station,Nat Yay KanQt,Ama Ya Pu Ya
Township, Mandalay Division
32DENKO NYAUNG-U (1)Near Tuu Ywin Taung Chay,in front of the main road of Nayung Oo-
Kyauk Pa Taung
33DENKO NYAUNG-U (2)No(61), NyaungOo-MyinGyan Road, Near Pakokku Bridge, ThitHtunk Village Group,Nyaung Oo
34DENKO MANDALAY 78th STREET(78) Street Corner of khin Saw muu, Mahar Aung Myay Township Madalay Division
35DENKO KYAUKPADAUNG7/1, Yard No(2076), Beside of Kyauk Pa Daung-Matehtila Car Road, ThiriMingalar Quarter, Lal Yar Taung Village Group, Nyaung Oo District, Kyauk Pa Daung Township.
36DENKO MANDALAY 62nd STREETCorner of 62 road and Theik Pan Road, Chan Mya Thar Si Township, Mandalay.
37DENKO MANDALAY 74th STREETNo(5-A,5-B), Corner of 74th Street&MyoeMaThitLwin Street, Taung Myint Qtr, Pyay Gyi Ta Chon Township, MDY.
38DENKO MANDALAY SAY-OE-BOSay Oh Pho Village Group, Amayapuya Township, MDY.
39DENKO AMARAPURA (BACHI)No-613, Mandalay-Sagaing Old Street, Near ShweKyetYat Toe Gate, PaChi Village Group, MDY.
40DENKO SINGAINGNyaung Pin Village Group,Sint Kine Township,Sagaing Division
41DENKO PALEIKN0-(42/200),Yangon-Mandalay Old Road,C Sone Village Group,Sint Kine Township
42DENKO TADA-UNo(276/277), No(3)Quarter, TaTarOo Township, MDY.
43DENKO MYINGYAN (1)No(233), North Chaung Daung, Chaung Daung Village, Myingyan District, MDY.
44DENKO MANDALAY HTONBO (1)No(580/K), 67th Street, HtoneBo-MyintNgw Road, Amarapura, MDY.
45DENKO MANDALAY HTONBO (2)U Paing (44), Field No. (588), Mandalay-Pyin Oo Lwin Atat Road, Nat Ye Kan Village Tract, Amarapura Township, Mandalay Region.
46DENKO KYAUKSEPyayPanVillageGroup, KyaukHsal Township, MDY.
47DENKO MOGOKKaThaeVillageGroup, Moegoke Township, PyinOoLwin, MDY.
48DENKO AMARAPURA (YINDAW)No(52-54),MyoePatRoad(KanPatRoad),YinTaw Village Group, MDY.
49DENKO LATPANHLANo(25-C), LattPanHla Village, NatTaung Village Group, SintKuu Township, MDY.
50DENKO MANDALAY THEIKPANNo(9+10+15+16), YeMonTaung Quarter, MaharAungMyay Township, MDY.
51DENKO SHANGALAYKYUNTharyarKoneKwin/604,ShanKaLay Kyun Village Group, Amarapuya Township, MDY.
52DENKO MANDALAY JADE MARKETBeside of Sagaing-Mynt Nge Road,No.628, Amayapura Division, Sin Village ,Myin Mu.
53DENKO MANDALAY NANOOLWINNo(46-47), Between Myopatlann & 26 street , NanOoLwin Village Group , PatheinGyi Township , Mandalay
54DENKO MYINGYAN (2)Myingyan-2 No. (8), Nyaung Oo - Myingyan Road, Ywar Si Village Tract; Myingyan Township Mandalay Region
55DENKO MANDALAY 12th STREETDenko (Mandalay - 12th Street) U Paing No. (1-D), 12th Street (between 86th x 87th); Pyi Gyi Yan Lone Ward Aung Myay Thar Zan Township Mandalay Region ‌ Region
56DENKO MANDALAY 19th STREET No. (114/115), 19 Street, Nan U Lwin Village, Pathein Gyi Township, Mandalay Region
57DENKO MEIKHTILAR ( 3 )No. (62), Meikhtila-Kyaukpadaung Road, Theikone village tract; Meiktila Township, Mandalay Region
58DENKO CHAUKMagwe15 Qr, Toe Chae Yat Kwat, Lamadaw Road
59DENKO MAGWAY (1)Magwe Nat Mout Road, Nan Kat Kyun Village Group, Magwe Division, (Out of Nat Mout)
60DENKO MAGWAY (2)Magwe Taung Twin Road, Ma Gyi Kan Village Group, Magwe Division, (Out of Taung Twin)
61DENKO MINBUMinBu-Shwe Sat Taw-Nga Phae Main Road, Mile Tile No-3/4, Kan Yay Village Group,
MinBu Townshiop, Magwe Division
62DENKO MINHLANO(841/I), Yone Taung Paing Quarter, MinHla Township, Thayet, Magwe.
63DENKO YESAGYONo(236),YaySaKyo MyoeWonRoad, No(6)Quarter, YaySaKyo, Magwe.
64DENKO YENANGYAUNGNo(159),Thit Ta Pawe Quarter, Yay Nan Chaung Township, Magwe Division
65DENKO WAWBagoWaw Boe Bain Field ,Aye Chan Thar Yar Qr,Waw Township,Bago Division
66DENKO PhyuuAt 115 mile, Beside of Yanngon Mandalay Highway Road
67DENKO PYUNDAZAPyon Tasar(1)Quarter, YGN-MDY Old Road, Nyaung Lay Pin Township,Bago.
68DENKO TAUNGOOUpaing No-18, InnDie Village Group, Taung Ngu, Bago.
69DENKO BAGO (PHAYAGYI)No.3Shan Su Qt, Phayar Gyi Village Group Bago
70DENKO LETPADANNo.(44/2), Yangon-Pyay Road , KunChan Village Group, Latpandan Township , Bago Division
71DENKO GYOBINGAUKNo.(4982-83),Yangon-Pyay Road, LetPanPin Village Group, Gyopinkyauk, Bago.
72DENKO SHWEDAUNGNo( 43/2 ) Ygn-Pyay Road, LayKyuneSinMee Village, Namayan Village Group, Shwe Taung Tsp
Pyay District , Bago Division
73DENKO AUNGBANShanGaw Ya Khar Kone Village, Kalaw Township
74DENKO PINDAYAPyi Htaung Su Main Road, Yar Thit Quarter, Near Pone Ta Loat Lake ,
Pinn Ta Ya Township, Shan Division.
75DENKO LASHIO(1)Qurtar,Estate(9),Nant Khike ExtensinQuartar Muse-Mandalay Pyi Htung Su Road Lashio
76DENKO YET SAUTNo(767),Yet Saut-Shwe Nyaung Road, Myot Oo Quarter, Shan Division.
77DENKO NAMSANGMi Thay Khone Village, Wan Pone Village Group, Nan Samg Township,
78DENKO MUSEMine Yu (105) mile, Beside of Muse-Lashio Main Road, Muse Townshiop.
79DENKO SHWENYAUNGNo(29/1), Myoe Ma(1), Mingalar ShweBaho, ShweNyaung-Nyaung Shwe Main Road, Shwe Nyaung Township, Taung Gyi.
80DENKO TAUNGGYIUPaingNO(11),No(183),KanGyiQuarter, TaungGyi.
81DENKO TAUNGLAYLONNo(17/11),Taung Gyi Meitala Pyi Taung Su Street,Taung Lay Lone Village,Taung Gyi.
82DENKO KYAUKMEKhoe Mone village, Kyauk Me Village
83DENKO DANUBYU (1)AyeyarwaddyBeside of Danuphyu-ZaLon Car Road, Near MaYanChaung Village, OhnPinKwin Village Group,
Danuphyu Township.
84DENKO DANUBYU (2)No( 29 ), 18 Quarter, KyeinPyaw-Danuphyu Road, Beside SitePyoYaeWin, Danuphyu Tsp, Ayeyarwaddy Division
85DENKO HINTHADAUpaing No-220/2,235/1,236/2,244,InnSal Village Group, Hinthada, Ayeyarwaddy.
86DENKO MA-U-BINNo(16-F/17-O),Yangon Maubin Street,No 2 Quarter,Maubin Township,AYA Region.
87DENKO PATHEIN (1)No(27/57),Pathein Ngwe Saung Street,Kan Ni Village Group,Pathein Township,AYA Region.
88DENKO PATHEIN (2)Pathein-2 No. (33 / B), Beach Road No. 1 Quarter, Pathein Township Ayeyarwady Region
89DENKO KYAUNGGON Yangon-Pathein Road, Kan Kale Junction, Kyangon Township
90DENKO KYAIKLATDenko (Kyaiklat) ... No. (14-16); Yangon-Pyapon Road Hle Seik Village Tract; Kyaiklat Township Pyapon District Ayeyarwady Region
91DENKO NYAUNG TONEDenko (Nyaungdon) Near Nyaungdon Gate, Kyin Pin Se Village, Nyaungdon Township, Ayeyarwady Region.
92DENKO SAGAING (OHNDAW)SagaingBeside of Sagaing-Monwya Road Aung Thar Village Group,New Village.Sagaing
93DENKO SHWEBO (1)Shwe Bo-Seik Khon Road,
94DENKO SHWEBO (2)Denko (Shwebo-2) No. (31/5); Shwebo-Mandalay Road, Tagan Village Tract; Shwebo Township Sagaing Region
95DENKO BUDALINNo(263/A), Myawatty Village Group, Monywa-Butalin-YayOo Road, Monywa.
96DENKO TAMUTamue Ward, Sawbwar Inn Township, No(185), MyoeMa Kwin, Bayint Naung Street.
97DENKO KALAY No(843),ChanMyaeAungSi Quarter, Kalay Township, Sagaing.
98DENKO MONYWA (1)Monywa YayOo Street, Near Aung Mingalar awine, Ohe Bo Taung Quarter, Monywa,
99DENKO MONYWA (2)Nal Myay(2), KanNarRoad, YoneGyi Quarter, ThanLarYwaTiSeikkan, Monywa.
100DENKO MONYWA (3)No(14-16), Monywa-MDY Main Road, Maubin Village Group, Monywa.
101DENKO MONYWA (4)U Paing No(C-3), Kanchaung Village, Aung Zay Ya, Yin Mar Pin Township, YinMarPin.
102DENKO INDAWNo(600), Lalpyin Village Group , InnTaw Township, Sagaing
103DENKO SAGAING ( KAUNGMHUDAW)No. (2, 3/3); Mandalay-Shwebo Road, Tintate village group, Sagaing Township, Sagaing Region.
104DENKO KAMPATNo(N-66), Kalay-Tammu Road, KyunTawYeShin Village, Kampat Township, Tammu Distict,
Sagaing Division
105DENKO KYAIKTOMon No.0156, Taungtu Qur Tha Htone, Kyeik Hto Township
106DENKO BILINNo.30781, Bo Hla Gyi Quarter, Beelin Township
107DENKO MOTTAMANo(56), Motama Village Group, Paung Township, Tahton, Mon.
108DENKO PAUNGNo(57/B), KaDonSee Township, Paung, Mon.
109DENKO THATONNo(18), AokKyin Quarter, Tahton Township, Mon.
110DENKO THEINZEIKNo(135/1, 136/2), Thein Seik Quarter, ThuWunna WaTi, Tahton, Mon.
111DENKO MAWLAMYINENo.0802 Sitkekone Qt,Mawlamying Township
112DENKO HPA-AN (1)KayinNo.0895 ,9 Quarter,Yae Kyaw Village, Hpa-An Township, Kayin State
113DENKO HPA-AN (2)No(131/2), Hpa-An-Htone Inn Road ,No8 Quarter, Hpa-an Township,Kayin State.
114DENKO THAMANYANo(N-24), Kord Ka Dar Village Group, Hpa-An Kord Ka Yeid, Myawaddy Main Road, Kayin.
115DENKO LOIKAWKayarNo(N-83)(B), Cow La Woo Village Group, Loikaw-Oil Shop Road, Near Cow La Woo Zay, Loi Kaw Tsp.
116DENKO BHAMO (1)KachinNo(0675), 2-miles, Tharsi Yard, Bamaw-MyintKyiNar Road, Bamaw Township, Kachin.
117DENKO BHAMO (2)No(9),Bamaw-Mandalay Road, PhanKharKone Quarter, HanTe VillageGroup, Bamaw.
118DENKO WAIMAWKachin Upaing No(264/4), Kwin No(22-kha), Ywardaw north Kwin, Naungtalaw Village Group, Wine Maw Township, Myitkyinar District, Kachin State.
119DENKO TAUNGGOKRakhineNo(67/Ka), Padaung-Taungkoke Road , Kyo Kyar Kwin Village Group , Taungkoke Township , Rakhine
120DENKO THANDWE7 Ward,Thandwal Township,Thandwal District, Rakhine State.
121DENKO GWABeside Yangon-Thandwal Road , MyoMa Village , Gwa Town , Rakhine

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