KBZPay official account

KBZPay official account is one of the newest addition to the KBZPay Partner app! You can see the list of companies opened our KBZPay Official Account below.

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key Features of Official account

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Brand Awareness

Using an Official account is to boost your brand awareness by delivering creative multimedia content, building a partnership with influential people that are relevant to your brand, and delivering the customer analytics dashboard that lets you visualize all your account analytics for your business.

Promote Your Products

Official Account is designed to help businesses promote multiple products by developing multimedia content that highlights your products

Collect Followers

Get instant access to 15 Million+ KBZPay users. Businesses can take huge advantage of that to collect followers and explore potential audiences.

Drive Sales Conversion

Official Account is developing its user interface that will help businesses to grow sales conversion rates and connect with audiences who are likely to purchase.

Official Account type

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Content Account

Selected KBZPay Partners either with contents as main product or content concentrated brand strategy and someone who has caring & evergreen contents.

Commercial Account

Commercial businesses who have only brand & product related contents such as brand messages, product knowledge, promotional and campaigns, etc.

Best Practices For Your Business

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Check Spelling
  • Check spelling and grammar before publishing
  • Use only as much emojis as you need and let them truly mean something
  • Write in a consistent tone of voice and mode
  • Avoid passing off other content creations as your own
Content Creation
  • Use formatting to make your content easy to read.
  • Limit article length to ensure the readers don’t lose interest
  • Keep headlines short and click-worthy
Types of Posts

There are many types of articles and social media posts that you can create. Let’s see what’s right for you:

  • Commercial posts (Campaigns, Products & Services)
  • News and Trending posts
  • Infographic posts
  • Engagement posts (Quiz, questionnaires)
  • Photo and Video posts

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  • Design for mobile – make sure it’s clear when small and use a 4:5 ratio.
  • Cover Images are – 85:32
  • Profile Images are – 180:180/ 1:1
  • Refer to the Partner Policy to see what types of photos cannot be posted on Official Accounts
  • Please give proper credit to visuals if they are not owned by you