KBZPay Payroll

KBZPay Payroll is one of the newest addition to the KBZPay Partner app where users; Agents and Merchants (especially Micro and SME business owners) can pay for their employee salary with just a few clicks!

How it works

1. KBZPay agents and merchants can apply this service on KBZPay Partner App instantly.

2. Once registered to use KBZPay Payroll, Agents and Merchants can easily carry out the following services

Employee management

Add/Amend/Delete the employees

User management

Teller can be assigned for each salary disbursement and being as approver or maker of each salary disbursement

Employee group management

Employee can be grouped together according to salary payment cycle, same employee type, etc.

Salary disbursement

Salary payment tasks can be created for instant payment and scheduled payment


Keep track of salary disbursements and transaction histories for employers to review


Simple and easy steps at your fingertips when making salary disbursement

Instant salary payment to employees’ KBZPay Wallets

Suitable for micro, SME businesses with small numbers of employees


  • KBZPay Agents and Merchants who are using the KBZPay Partner App
  • Registration required to use KBZPay Payroll service
  • KBZPay level 1.5 or 2 for the employees to receive the salary from KBZPay Payroll

Contact Info

KBZPay Call Center