Pay with KBZPay at Medicare and get up to 100,000 Ks cashback and discount coupon

Special promotion awaits with KBZPay at Medicare, where beauty products, home appliances, and pharmaceuticals can be purchased. 

During this campaign, customers can receive both coupons and cashback. For coupons, customers can visit the KBZPay campaign page to obtain a FREE 3,000Ks discount coupon, which can be redeemed for purchases of 10,000Ks and above. Additionally, customers can also earn up to 100,000Ks cashback for purchases of 15,000Ks (after applying the discount coupon) and above at Medicare.

The promotion period is from March 25th to March 31st, and terms and conditions apply. The rewards for cashback and coupons are limited, so make your purchases from Medicare with KBZPay as soon as possible.

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