Purchase Gift Card in KBZPay and Spin the Wheel

KBZPay has introduced a special campaign for KBZPay Customers who purchase gift cards from KBZPay.

During the campaign period, for every purchase of a Gift Card with 800 Kyats and above, you will get one chance to play the Spin Wheel and have chances to win Cashbacks, Gift Card Coupons and Special Rewards. You can keep your spin wheel chances and play the Spin Wheel at any time during the promotion period. Please note that using the discount coupons when purchasing a Gift Card and, if the final payment is less than 800 Kyats, you will not be able to get a spin wheel chance.

Customers will be able to win 100 Ks, 200 Ks Cashbacks, 500 Ks, 1,000 Ks Gift Card Coupons, and Special Rewards such as Lightborn Series Skins, Epic Skins, Basic Skins, Magic Wheel Potion S. Here, if you win one of the Special Rewards, we encourage you to save the Redeem Code before the campaign ends.

Additionally, Top 10 Gift Card Customers who purchase the most during the campaign period, September 10, 2022 to September 16, 2022, will get Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamond 7,777. The more gift cards you buy, the more Spin Wheel chances you will receive and the more chance to win diamonds. The winner list for Top 10 Customers will be announced a day after the campaign ends.  

Click this link to participate in this campaign now. 

Click on this link for more information on the Terms & Conditions.

To participate in the campaign and to enhance your user experience, please upgrade your KBZPay account to Level 1.5 or 2 and update your KBZPay Application to the latest version.

iOS: https://apple.co/31igRU9
Android: https://bit.ly/3rTwa2J