Share over 60 Million MMK pocket money from KBZPay this Christmas

This is another chance to win KBZPay Pocket Money this Christmas Season.

Customers can collect the Christmas decorations this time All KBZPay users (level 1, level 1.5 and level 2) can participate in this campaign.

There are a total of 5 different decorations(Yellow light, Green light, Red light, Blue light, and purple light) to collect. The Rainbow light  can be changed into any decoration item among the five.

The decorations will be automatically decorated on the tree if the user collects more than one of the items. Whenever the user collects one set of decoration items, the chance of pocket money will be 2 times of pocket money amount . There are a maximum of five times of pocket money for each user and each round. For the customers who only have one kind of decoration, they can still open the pocket money.

Customers can send their Christmas decorations  to their friends 

Customers who are in the 100 daily ranking lists of inviting new users will get extra bonus based on the rank.

On 23, 24 and 25 of December, pocket money can be  opened at 8:00 p.m MMT daily and customers can collect the decorations  from 21 December to 25 December.

Let’s win a big amount of KBZPay Pocket Money by decorating the Christmas Tree in this Christmas Season.

Please see more detail about the campaign in this link.

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